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I think I broke the slope game

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I want to have a strong, friendly relationship with my viewers. I don’t just read through the comments of every video, I try to respond to everyone as well. I would love to hear from you guys about what you want to see in my videos to make them special. I will even start shouting out comments if they contain a good suggestion, or just any valuable feedback in general.


  1. Nice video, and commentary. Keep them coming.

  2. lool u broke ittt i like your commentary videos alot along with the video renders.. its amazing
    edit : I saw that part about my comment and yes I love the edits i made it through thee whole video and i don't normally do that on other vids but ur made me. ur video can be lil more fast paced so that some viewers stay.. overall i like the edits, comments, renders and quality u lack nothing except for subs! ok ty bye love your video

  3. I watched dis like 4 times now cuase this is dam satisfying

  4. i tried dis game for myself today and its pretty hard 2 control and I did the glitch and I fell buti kept going down and its not stopping unless I refresh the page lol

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