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I reached the END of slope 3?

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So I’ve been grinding slope 3 for the last couple weeks and I was finally getting a 500+ score… and then this happened. I was almost as sad as I was happy to be honest, I had really been enjoying grinding for my highscores. Also note that no obstacles move after 400 score 🙁


  1. this game is exactly what it feels like walking/flying in a dream

  2. It’s a glitch…. That’s happened to me at only 18

  3. Huh. I grinded this game for a couple hours about a week before this was posted. I thought the physics of those sideways ramps were too messed up to get anything higher than what I ended up with, which was just over 300.

  4. no you didn't, you just jumped over the loading zone for the next section.

  5. omg you're git-gud damn that 722 run must've been insane

  6. What you are soooooo good i have a prolom whid livl 2

  7. Jumped too high before the map could load in so it just didn't

  8. You know you’re good when you beat an infinite game.

  9. I think you jumped over the trigger that would cause everything to load on so that’s probably why it ended

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