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I found 3 glitches in SLOPE!

Iron Destiny
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I found 3 glitches in Slope! Slope is made by Rob Kay. Hope you enjoy! Please leave a like and comment! And subscribe or you will get bad luck! Digital circus actors is not just a spectacle; it’s a testament to the boundless possibilities of the virtual realm. Dive into a world where cute characters redefine the limits of storytelling in The Amazing Digital Circus.


  1. Glitch 1 didnt work. I tried it 16 times (yes, I counted) but it still did not work. Liar!!!

  2. what about the ones which affect long runs when you have high velocity like clipping through ramps or bonking to red objects instead of dying

  3. you found none of these glitches be your self

  4. for the second glitch, the only requirement to do it is actually to press enter right as the menu appears. Spamming helps, but is not needed. There's a lot of confusion around this glitch, such as having to spam enter until you get the speed up and then stop instantly. Plus, you can stack this glitch multiple times, getting crazy speed and points.

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