How to Make Marble Maze Game from Cardboard using slopes -

How to Make Marble Maze Game from Cardboard using slopes

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Make DIY Genius Labyrinth Marble Board Game Maze from Cardboard
In this video I show how to make an amazing cardboard marble game, that you can easily build at home. This puzzle labyrinth game is round and fits perfectly into your hands. The goal is to roll the marbles from Start to Finish. It’s easier said than done! Don’t get lost in the cardboard maze and watch out for those dark holes. It’s a perfect do it yourself project. You can also build different variations and levels of difficulty. So take some marble balls and play. It’s a crazy cool game. Just use some slopes and that’s it.

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  2. Wow! Thanks for this video. I can make one of these but only I'm going to make it without the holes. I want to make it in such a way that my two cats can push a ball around in it. I'll make doors instead of holes. Great idea you have here. Thanks!

  3. So awesome. Thanks brother. This should be called the game of life :-). Wondering if I can you a brief clip of this in a video I'm making with credit to you brother? It's for a metaphysics video on our life path….. Peace and Cheers.

  4. Я решил этот пазл в Jigsaw Puzzle Collection HD. 12 кусочков за 01:16. @JPuzzlesHD

  5. Use beads or make marbles from clay… if you haven’t got the glass marbles 😊

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