How To Make A Platformer On Scratch || Physics, Wall Jump, Slope Detection, Spikes -

How To Make A Platformer On Scratch || Physics, Wall Jump, Slope Detection, Spikes

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Here I will show you how to make a platformer that has full physics, (including wall jump and slope detection), wall jump and spikes or respawning while touching spikes!

Here is a Platformer made by this engine:

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  1. waht if i just…
    Repeat 8 times
    the stuff you doubled

  2. Thanks alot this is my best platformer I've done

  3. Maybe instead of all of those if touching levels, do a repeat until not touching level, change y by absolute value of y divided by y times negative one! Anyways, good job!

  4. there is a bug when I touched the wall without pressing space key it is stucking in that wall, so please tell the solution for that please

  5. …. Hey my name is J P, my game dosen't work on Scratch 2 🙁 cause wall jumping dosen't work or my Character clip into wall wait Im kidding tho

  6. hi thanks for the code i will be using in a mothers day platformer also check out my scratch projects my username is DhyeyGandhi


  8. Hey thx, I want to be a game develepor when I grow up and you helped me start practicing harder making games on scratch too, who knows after I might try Something harder too, again thankyou, I subscribed and liked have a good day😊👍

  9. Like when you press left or right arrow when you stop it goes a little more so can you fix that please

  10. Is there a way for the player to not bounce once they hit the ground? Thankss!!

  11. You are young but understand, Thanks!

  12. Does not even work,And legit worst tutorial ever explaining is bad to

  13. In the game it is a human but in the video it is a box can you explain please

  14. nice game but you copied it . At 7 minutes 11 seconds you are copying someone else's project

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