How to Glitch Slope!!! *UNLIMITED POINTS!!* -

How to Glitch Slope!!! *UNLIMITED POINTS!!*

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  1. there is no reason to get to 40 points for this you can just kill yourself in the spawn and it will work. the max that you can take this is well beyond 6 times stacked i was able to get to 12 at least and I don't see a limit to it does get laggy tho. also to make this easier to to you can spam both enter keys on the keyboard num pad and regular. by what I can tell on how this glitch works when you play the level it generates the sections as you go and doing this glitch more or less causes it to save the last level and start generating a new level over top if you don't leave the spawn tunnel it wont generate any level so even if you have stacked it a few times nothing seems to happen, and the glitchy level stacking ends when you make it farther than your last game(s)

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