How to deal with stairs and slopes in a horror game (Godot Tutorial) -

How to deal with stairs and slopes in a horror game (Godot Tutorial)

Martin Senges
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Today’s video is finally not just an update on my game, but also a tutorial on how to deal with stairs and slopes in oldschool horror games. Depending on your game, this can also work for first person shooters and platformers.



  1. thank you so much man, this is super helpful

  2. OH MY GOD! So in godot 4 this is called SeparationRayShape3D, you just stick it on the bottom of your character and it just snaps it up steps, you don't even have to smooth out your stairs at all. Has to be the definitive solution to FPS movement really, that's exactly how stairs feel in quake and such. Gonna replace the capsule with a cylinder though

  3. TL;DW:Shrink your capsule shape to the top half of its height, and add a rayshape collision shape below your capsule to make up for the empty bottom half. Use move_and_slide (remembering to add the UP direction).

  4. Dope I was stuck watching this keep it up bro

  5. Thank you so much for this; I've been struggling for months trying to fix my character sliding on ramps in my game. I've tried a bunch of different solutions and eventually gave up on trying to fix it myself and was just hoping the engine dev's would get around to fixing it. This has been the only solution I've found that really works the way I need it to.

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