How I Remade Slope In 1 Day... -

How I Remade Slope In 1 Day…

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I challenged myself to recreate Slope in one day. Surely that’s easy, right?

I remade slope in Unity, in 1 day.

Play the game:

Original Slope Game:


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I Made A Game In 1 Day
Slope game highscore
Remaking Slope in 1 Day.


Raving Energy (faster) by Kevin MacLeod
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  1. Hey, Dev banana, try making a piano game with
    Recordable Sounds
    Different instruments
    And other completely different instruments that can still be played on a piano

  2. this is the same as slope with a few different things and that doesn't make it any worse the thing is when u first start it feels small but you do get used to it

  3. It'd be amazing if you added a game mode with the glitched maps or something similar (for those of you that don't know, you can layer levels by spamming enter, just look up slope glitched.)

  4. yo i loved slope, now i slove slant bro the game is sick thx

  5. does she know how to make a grilled cheese says:

    "It's just a ball on a slope." No. It is our entire childhood.

  6. I've played it, but using firefox it needs way more fps for full feeling of speed

  7. someone please tell me what the song at 0:59 is, i've heard it before, but don't know the name

  8. I’ve tried emailing the creator of the game several times because of all the bugs this was back in 2018 but still has bugs I guess he just gave up ane moved on

  9. I've been playing Slope for about a year and have fallen in love with it. My biggest complaint is the amount of bugs when you attain very high speeds, and I've always wished someone would make a faithful recreation of the game, but actively develop it as to fix such bugs. This obviously isn't that, but it is still cool to see! Good work, I'll be going for the world record in Slant, now.

  10. A cool idea would be to make yellow obstacles so you have to hold down a button to make a shield around the ball that can break through the yellow obstacles. Not pressing the button in time would result in a crash (a game over screen). I hope you like my idea 🙂

  11. ok i need help here – how did u make a system where when the player is near enough, the game generates random obstacles?

  12. Hey i have a very important question. How did you create the obstacles? Did you use 3D modelling, if so what 3D modelling app did you use? If not, what did you do to make them appear random?

  13. Dude you should have like more than 1 mil subs

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