How I Remade Slope In 1 Day... -

How I Remade Slope In 1 Day…

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I challenged myself to recreate Slope in one day. Surely that’s easy, right?

I remade slope in Unity, in 1 day.

Play the game:

Original Slope Game:


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I Made A Game In 1 Day
Slope game highscore
Remaking Slope in 1 Day.


Raving Energy (faster) by Kevin MacLeod
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  1. “Him it doesn’t really look like slope yet”me omg it looks really like slope”!

  2. 2 paths you can pick and they have different obsticalls

  3. CANT BELICE YOU ARNT FAMOUS! You deserve more subs.

  4. Go head and make more games there are cool

  5. This honestly looks amazing, not only that your so good at coding!

  6. Dont Ever think something is easy my guy , Thats the part where you messed up….

  7. i remember playing this with my friends when we would had to work on som powerpoints, we did all the powerpoint at home and in school we would just beat our records 😀

  8. ad frosting. whenever the ball goes throu a portal there will not be ground and the ball makes ice paths

  9. Oh god this game. The game that never worked on the school computers…

  10. so uh you made one mistake, you put in the instructions "steer with w+d", should be a+d lol

  11. you need to add coins and ball colors that the user can choose

  12. I like the blue ball, the real slope should add that

  13. I love slope, till YOU FUCKING GLITCH THROUGH THE FLOOR INTO THE BACKROOMS, and sometimes you glitch through a ramp too which is annoying af

  14. A jump pad just like in cheetahmobile's game "rolling sky"

  15. I highly recommend removing mipmaping form your texture or at least enableing mipmap smoothing

    webGL and unity in general are super agressive with mipmaps and it shouldn't harm FPS as you only have 1 texture

  16. maybe fix how the player bounces off of ramps, it feels bad when you go off a ramp and you loose alot of speed.

  17. Falling platforms, there are two platforms that go off the path than back on but one falls down 1-5 seconds before you reach it (the time when it fall varies by speed, the faster you are, the earlier the platform falls giving the player time to react

  18. Why not just make the slope go towards the player, and keep the player fixed, I think that would make it better for low end computers

  19. Now time to inform my classmates about this new unblocked slope

  20. i will stick to my belief that unity is the new age flash

  21. Add false ramps that kill you bit you can tell the difference

  22. Slope is the one game I forgot about but also remember it lol

  23. how did u make the movement system? i made one but then, my sphere was super slow going down the slope

  24. how come every time i say something on this channel it gets hearted

  25. IT would be great if you added skins, power up of some sort, and MULTIPLAYER!

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