Horgmo qualifies for Slope finals in First - Winter X Games - cybergame-beauchamp.fr

Horgmo qualifies for Slope finals in First – Winter X Games

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Torstein Horgmo scores a 92.00 on his first run in Men’s Snowboard Slopestyle elimination at X Games Tignes 2013 and qualifies for finals in first place.

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  1. man if ive ever doubted this guy… i shall no longer

  2. i hope your kidding, Horgmo slayed the rails compared to mcmorris…

  3. Anybody know what his board is because i can't find it anywhere..even on the DC website.
    all it comes up with is the DC ply, but not this one?

  4. You should see the one he did in one of his videos. Even cleaner.

  5. your torstein youvedonethisbeforegmo..rack the board were going to the bar

  6. I only liked your comment because of your epic name. haha

  7. man they just say everything is a double cork… smfh

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