Gunpei Yokoi - Gaming's Most Influential Mind? (ft. Slope's Game Room) -

Gunpei Yokoi – Gaming’s Most Influential Mind? (ft. Slope’s Game Room)

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Taking a look at the incredible career of Nintendo’s Gunpei Yokoi, whose innovations changed the gaming industry forever. Has any other individual had such an influence on the way we play games? Personally, I don’t think so…

Check out special guest Dan at Slope’s Game Room here:

Slope’s Wild Gunman video:

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  1. So happy to be in another of your awesome vids. Thanks so much bud 😀

  2. That dude was a hero man. Just couldn't settle on one ground breaking success, he just had to keep making more. Nice use of the Super Mario Land music too, what with him being producer of it. My first Game & Watch was Donkey Kong II which I still have to this day. Still works too. Built to last they were. Would love to collect more but man the prices are steep. Great video man.

  3. Great video mate – very interesting. 🙂

  4. Gunpei-san was a technical genius. Very enjoyable video.

  5. What a cool video Pete. The Ultra Hand toy also features in Mario Kart 8 on the Wii U and Switch, its used as a structure to hold parts of one of the tracks up in the air. So cool that Nintendo add elements like this to pay homeage to their great designers!

  6. Great vid Pete. It's hard to deny that man's influence in the gaming industry and like many other people he played a big part on my early gaming life.

  7. Mr. Yokoi certainly left behind an incredible legacy. I always remember him every time I play the Game Boy and, particularly, Super Mario Land.

    Good video, Pete. Thank you.

  8. Quite an innovative guy, too bad we lost him so soon. I wonder what he would have done after leaving Nintendo besides the Wonder Swan.

  9. As always Pete, a really interesting and enlightening video, I can't imagine how much time you spend researching these. You know the businessman who inspired Yokoi to come up with the idea for the Game & Watch was only writing 5318008 on his calculator though, or 55378008.

  10. Awesome video Pete 😎👍🏼

  11. Great video brother what an amazing man.

  12. Great job on this!! The guy was amazing, and I didn't know many points your brought up such as him developing Rob or the Wonderswan!

  13. Great stuff pet, loved this video, very informative

  14. Gunpei Yokoi really is the man. I knew about lots of his innovation and invention, but had no idea that he was also responsible for the light gun as well. The man was a genius.

  15. Man these are awesome videos! I love the history!

  16. Great video Pete
    I used to own battle shark designed by Gunpei yokoi
    Your links don't work to the other channels mate

  17. Great stuff Pete. I genuinely hope that figures like Gunpei Yokoi get some sort of TV series or movie made about them one day!

  18. Awesome, what a guy. I remember we had a moment (Game Boy in hand) in the playground when I read that he'd died in CVG.

  19. Satoru Okada's contribution to the development and success of the Game Boy and its subsequent iterations should not be neglected either, for it was he who convinced Yokoi of the merits of interchangeable cartridges for the system (according to a rather candid Retro Gamer interview). Without his vision, Yokoi would have happily allowed the GB to be a one-and-done G&W-style device that probably wouldn't have been so fondly remembered or as influential today.

  20. I'm wondering if Gunpei's family are getting a lifetime pensions for Gunpei's contributions to the company or at least some incentives or royalties for the family

  21. He was the true God of Nintendo.

    Not that hack, Miyamoto!

  22. I would have appreciated a few more words on the WonderSwan. Although in the broader history of gaming it's basically a footnote, it's also the logical conclusion of Yokoi's design philosophy for the Game Boy: 8-shade monochrome screen, one AA battery, INSANE battery life of 30-40 hours. Also really neat is how it has both portrait and landscape games.

  23. Don't care if he left Nintendo,he will and is apart of Nintendo and will be forever.

  24. At 2:07 I totally thought it said "LOSER CLAY" on the lady's shirt… thankfully I understood it was actually LASER CLAY within seconds thanks to the narration lol

  25. Japanese rules they made my childhood awesome with all the animes and what not

  26. I wouldn't say Yokoi was gaming's most influential. That title goes to Ralph Baer but Yokoi seemed to be the only one at Nintendo who knew how to make a decent Mario game. As you say we also have to thank him for the D-Pad.

  27. Gunpei Yokoi was a great man. It's too bad he got too reckless during his later years. That could also be part of the problem of Daisy's obscurity after her Super Mario Land appearance outside of Japan until Mario Tennis on Nintendo 64.

  28. Awesome video. I first heard of Gunpei Yokoi from David Epstein's book Range. Thanks for making this =)

  29. To me, it's not arguable at all. Without Gunpei Yokoi, Nintendo is not the company we know today, and the modern gaming landscape doesn't expand beyond teen and adolescent boys without him practically birthing the handheld market.

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