Grump's Dream Course: The Slope - PART 48 - Game Grumps VS -

Grump’s Dream Course: The Slope – PART 48 – Game Grumps VS

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The moist boys play a level with a huge drop and Arin gives an important lesson on JO’ing with olive oil.
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  1. And Arin fails catastrophically once again on the final stretch. I fucking love it!

  2. Thank you for that bit about tentacle yaoi xD

  3. ARIN DOES SAY "J and O" NOT "J-ing O"

  4. I'm pretty sure Arin intentionally lost the game

  5. Damn it, description writer. I'm eating here.

  6. Does everyone inherently pick one of them that they want to win, and end up rooting for them? For example I always want Dan to win especially on Dream Course.

  7. To be totally honest, I would have gone for the flying enemy early, not caring how frustrating it would be to land a shot in the hole on the slope. 😀

  8. Ahhhh, my favorite score board to see 🙂 good ending to this round.

  9. i cant believe Danny actually managed this! well played sir! 😂

  10. 6:40 It would be awkward if they were playing Splatoon right now.

    11:25 DANNY WINS!

  11. That voice is definitely one of my favorite voice they do. xD

  12. Sexy Voice: Oh, Pikachu~ Hey~ He's out to kidnap me again~.. (from the Hey You, Pikachu episodes, no?)

  13. He loses because all he does is try to finish the stage, while all Dan does is steal stars, which is the only way to win consistently.

  14. The rumor come out, Dan wrecks Arin yet again

  15. Arin: Ooohhhhh, Kirby, inhale my cock.

    Kirby: Arin…

    Arin: Full service, just like Suzy.

  16. danny: ' inhale my coq…suzy. can u say that arin? '

  17. Rooting for Dan is frustrating up until the end as usual

  18. *googles 'win chin'*

    *auto completes as 'win Chinese food'*


  19. 5:42 Have you ever had an episode of Grumps in the background while jacking off with olive oil, when Arin asks if you're jerking it with olive oil?

  20. How many times did Danny make that SAME 8 Mile reference in this playthrough?

  21. Watching this entire series in succession it’s pretty clear to me that Arin is such a good friend that whenever he’s in a clear lead and Dan gets noticably less cheery, he starts goofing around and lets Dan catch up or even win. It may be subconcious because he doesn’t like seeing Dan upset or he doesn’t like sore winners or he just wants to keep things interesting up until the last moment, but it’s like clockwork. What a guy

  22. Arin your too nice in a competitive game thats why you keep losing

  23. Would be a lot closer if Dan ever curved or spun.

  24. Arin has said "I'm a tornado" many times in his ife

  25. I’m not sure why but Arin’s little laughter at 8:27 was really contagious.

  26. Arin’s “Imma eatcha asshole” gets me every time 😂😂😂

    And gooses 😂😂😂 “uh geese was the word you were looking for there” hahah

  27. Idk why they didn't use the warps at the start. They take them to those tomato's they chipped to

  28. Imagine next time on gamegrumping after only 10 minutes. insert Pathetic meme

  29. Dans complete reliance on bounce shots hurts to watch man.

  30. I might be watching this in 10 years and still loving it

  31. My horny ass could never own an aquarium

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