Game & Wario - Part 32 - Ski - Endless Bunny Slope -

Game & Wario – Part 32 – Ski – Endless Bunny Slope

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This set of videos is not in chronological order, actually–this was actually recorded before “Bump Canyon.” (Hey, I couldn’t resist the “NEW!” thing flashing brightly.) Hence, you see the initial gave save screen with that photo of Ice King. Someone like him ought to know how to ski.

Anyway, do you remember in Jimmy T.’s intro, how he’s skiing down the mountain with a posse of snow bunnies? Well, here it is as a full minigame. As the name implies, Jimmy T. soars down the mountain with no end. Along the way, he picks up the bunnies (female skiiers)–get sufficiently close to them to get them to follow Jimmy. After some distance, a checkpoint will appear where you get a bonus of 100 points for each lady acquired, on top of the score that builds up via distance traveled (10 points per yard). They then depart, leaving Jimmy by himself to pick up some more women for the next segment. This keeps going until Jimmy falls off. (Also, notice how the music builds up with each addition to Jimmy’s entourage.)

In hindsight, I should have played using the TV screen, since the camera is fixed behind Jimmy and thus I had a good view of what’s ahead. Next time!

When you consider the fact that disco began as a display of gay pride, one must wonder if Jimmy T. might be overcompensating. Or maybe it’s the other way around.

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  1. Quite the harem being built there…until they go over the edge. Man, Jimmy thinks nothing of taking them all down with him! Or maybe their devotion to him is just that great!I have a hard time seeing just how close you have to be to the girls to pick them up. They must get sucked up in Jimmy's vortex of awesome.

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