Game maker slope tutorial (easy) -

Game maker slope tutorial (easy)

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This is one of the easiest tutorials on creating slopes in game maker! Here’s all the codes you need to follow this tutorial:

Key bored Left event:

if place_empty(x-4,y) then x-=4
if place_empty(x-4,y-6) then

Key bored Right event:

if place_empty(x+4,y) then x+=4
if place_empty(x+4,y-6) then

Credit for this tutorial goes to DarkShadow753

DarkShadow’s channel:

Original tutorial by DarkShadow:


  1. I know I'm late to the party, but thank you for making this video! I've been wanting slopes in my games for ages – I didn't realise how easy it is to implement them. Much respect, Rex!

  2. How do we go down the slope????????????????

  3. Thanks for that tutorial! I really needed that for my game!!

  4. @allgeeksunited Hehe, don't worry about copying me, I don't really intend to do much with this game. It's more of a test game trying out a different spriting style that I've wanted to test for awhile now but never had the time. But to answer your question, this game is pretty much just a random platformer with no storyline (at least not yet ^_^) filled with all sorts of creature, new abilities and just random things 🙂

  5. very nice work i like watching your videos because you do a good job of explaining how things work

  6. hey can you show me hoy to make tiles go over player

  7. @shadowsadallah You just have to go to the Tiles tab in the room settings, create a new layer, make it negative I believe (and make sure you either add or delete a zero from the layer). Then just place your tiles 🙂

  8. @rexfurry THANKS! it really worked man im subscribing (Y)

  9. @jrioux123 Wow.. answering a 4 month old comment.. change the if place_empty with if place_free

  10. @tomasyaj94 Are you talking about the speed of the player?

  11. Not sure if you'd respond, but how did you get the fog? I love the effect!

  12. Haha, awesome response. Listen, I've been religiously following your GM tutorials, and I was wondering if there was a way we could chat? I could really use the mentorship I suppose.

  13. You'd have to pretty much modify the whole system in that case. This system only works by using the x and y values. Hspeed is works a bit different hence it's not really compatible. And I haven't really found any good examples for hspeed yet so I can't really suggest anything, sorry man 🙁

  14. Thanks. My engine was so complex I, that I lost the overview, just trying to do this. In the beginning I even started like this, but when I tried to fix some details, it all became so confusing. So I started it all from scratch again, but I decided to get some help from the internet this time. Just Thank You.
    ..i spent a whole day on this..

  15. but when I jump on a slope I sometimes get stuck.

  16. Well you could have a separate sprite that your player changes to when he/she is walking on the slopes ^)^

  17. In the collision for your slope drag'n drop a move fixed box into the event. Then select the right diagonal and right arrow for the right slope. And the left diagonal and left arrow for the left slope. Bam! Slope done.

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