Game Fails: Call of Duty Ghosts "Slippery slope" -

Game Fails: Call of Duty Ghosts “Slippery slope”

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Submitted by: xPriebe


  1. My only question is how is it possible that CoD Ghosts requires 40 Gigs of space on a PC? That's just utterly absurd.

  2. ive heard that ghosts lags worse than black ops 2. can someone tell me if its true so i can avoid wasting my money on this game?

  3. I like how the player is thinking exactly what I was thinking.

    "The hell was that noise?"

  4. Sounds like he's trying to sound like one of the seagulls.

  5. Insert generic comment about how Ghosts is the fail.

  6. Wow what a terrible looking game. Glab I got BF4.

  7. O_o I thought he was going Super Saiyan at the end…

  8. The real fail is that someone is playing Call of duty ghosts

  9. What I don't understand about gamers is, why do we have to act like this? Why do we have to argue about which fps or game is the best? Should we argue about our favorite underpants? It's ridiculous and childish! I don't care if a is better than b, or vice versa, I just want to play games. That's what makes me a gamer. I love the Portal series, but does that mean that every video that features another game and hate on it? It sickens me that we have grown far apart when in the past we all were considered the same as we are today. Gamers. Please just understand that all games have ups and downs, and there is no such thing as a perfect game.

  10. Looks like he was being attacked by….GHOSTS

  11. Ah, the mating call of the wild condor. Glorious. Oh wait, never mind it's just Hesh. God damn it, Hesh.

  12. WTF SPOILERS! Hahahha, I'm just kidding. it's a Call of Duty game. There are no spoilers. 😛

  13. dang, it even hurts to be a character in the game XD

  14. "And now we hear the mating call
    of the great slope bird"

  15. If we look over here, we see the endangered CoD AI. Years of evolution seem to have made it dumber, and yet it survives on piles of cash thrown to it by humans. Ah, look! It's performing it's mating call!

  16. i thought it was seagull shouting (:P)

  17. Where's the camera crew, the judge and the audience? Such a waste.

  18. Why am I not surprised that the graphics look like bo2

  19. Wheres the fish that swim away if you are near them?

  20. Why is everyone hating or defending CoD? We (or at least I) came to see a stupid yet funny glitch. You'll find these in any game.

  21. I love how at first he's like whats that noise??? looks around finds AI making noises. Haha

  22. Things to rely on when you go on the internet
    1. Roosterteeth uploading videos
    2. COD videos
    3. People hating on COD videos


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  24. You know what else is a fail?

    This game's respawn system.

  25. Shush guys,he's trying to become one with the seagull.

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