Former World Record: Slope High Score 323 -

Former World Record: Slope High Score 323

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Documented world record beating the former WR with 3 points

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  1. Insane performance, well done. To think that the best I could get was in the mid 50s while you're out here getting above 300 lmao

  2. My record is 180 and my average death is at like 80-100 points, sometimes i die in the 50s due to bad luck, i used to die at like 50-70 with occasional 100s and every 30 mins-1 hour hour or smth i died at the 120s, now i do on average 80-100 with occasional 120s or if really lucky the 140s, but that 180 was a fluke, since when i got there my record was 144, but i only passed 150 twice, the second time i died at 152, 1 week after doing 180

  3. Wow, you definitely deserve this after how dirty the game did you with that 290 a while back. Congrats on the world record, and not long after the last one! I'm excited to see where it goes from here.

  4. three points isn't a lot but your song choice in this record makes it a lot better than cxn's record.
    good job!

  5. you look more skilled than me at the three-blocks

  6. my 165 record looks so Pathetic compares to his record XD
    btw the ball totally glitched and changed it's direction . which i was angry because i was going to do more than 165.
    probably 170 maximum .

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