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[Former Slope World Record] 348 in Slope game

Hooded Kupo
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I’ve been wanting to use this song for about a year now. It just happened to be the music I played when I got two other really big video game achievements. Was going to play it when I got wr but I doubt that’s happening now, I’m running out of time to play this game, so I put it in this one.

Since this run is a pb, you know that means it’s not impressive.


  1. My high score is 117, and I'm kind of glad. I cannot imagine how mental you probably felt after dying there.

  2. I also recommend doing the glitched oneIf you don’t know how,Go to Unblocked Games World then right as you die spam the enter buttonIt takes a couple triesByeeee

  3. Wow dude, the best I’ve ever gotten was 171.

  4. I love this game!!!
    My high score is: 51😊

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