Failed Gaming Kickstarters - Did You Know Gaming? extra Feat. Slope's Game Room -

Failed Gaming Kickstarters – Did You Know Gaming? extra Feat. Slope’s Game Room

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This time on Did You Know Gaming extra, we take a look at how fans created crowd funding campaigns to create games they didn’t even have the licenses to. This includes failed gaming kickstarters for sequels to Nintendo’s Super Mario World, Super Mario RPG, as well as Heart of Darkness, Panzer Dragoon, and Life is Strange. Then we finish off with a random fact about Strider 2.

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  1. X-wing Vs. Tie Fighter had the same printing error

  2. I cringed when the narrator said "Gay-den".

  3. I bought mighty no. 9 without knowing what it was, I’m sad now.

  4. Chillin' Like a Villain Killin' Krillin says:

    This man's delivery makes me want to kill myself

    Please never use him again

  5. Awesome piece of content. Keep up the great work! :))

  6. Wow, I actually knew about the random bonus piece of trivia this time! I know about it because I once found a copy of Strider 2 that claimed it only had the Strider 2 disc. I was only really interested in trying Strider 2, so I went ahead and bought it. Turns out I bought a copy of the disc that was labeled Strider 2, aka Strider 1.

  7. 03:23 Plus, to add more of the kickstarter’s reason to fail, the guy who wanted to make a SMRPG 2, said that he played all the “awful” fangames yet the title used for his fan game is stolen from another fan game.

  8. I beat strider 2 on a game convention, that was placed in an arcade system, they rom'd the game to be playable and i took a shot at it. Since the system gaave players unlimited tries. I ended up finishing the game within an hour or so. The only issue i had, was that i ended up cramping my hands from mashing the buttons too quickly in boss fights.

  9. Seriously what the hell is people I.Q are when they try to support games they don't have the rights to.

  10. 0:11 I'm really looking forward to Bloodstained Ritual of the Night. I hope it ends up being good. Curse of the Moon was really solid so my hopes are high.

  11. Yes, we uhh need your money for a new videogame we are creating. glances quickly at Batman themed yacht

  12. Yo, talk about the real game remakes or fanmakes that got shutdown 😂

  13. I actually laughed out loud at the dumbass who thought she would "just buy whatever rights were needed." Apparently the rights of a successful IP are something you just pick up at Walmart. On top of someone being impatient for a sequel to a game that had literally only released the year before.

  14. Fan games are ok if you don't make money off of them.

  15. Why the fuck are people trying to fund games for dead consoles?

  16. the fact that my boy shinnosuke was in this video made this even better

  17. Who let the guy from the Outback Steakhouse commercials do a video?

  18. It's strangely appropriate that you pronounced the panzer dagoon project gay-den

  19. Did you know that Slopes game room is not a reputable YouTube channel?

  20. This video title is misleading at best. The topic is "scams on kickstarter", not failed kickstarters. DYKG is usually much better about their writing than this, I'm more than a little surprised.

  21. holy shit even when reading off a script this guy still never gets to the fucking point

  22. Its been 8 months yet seeing this has me chuckle all the time especially when I see my name up there. Fun fact, when I found that kickstarter, I found it in the comment section of a video of a super Mario rpg Rom hack called Super Mario RPG Armageddon hard mode. It was the Xion battle video, comment read along the lines of "I'm tired of Nintendo denying us a sequel to this and fans trying to create their own. I'm putting together a team to make a real sequel" and posted the kickstarter link. We can clearly see how that went.

  23. I'LL STEAL IT! NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW!!! (Except Nintendo, EA, SEGA, Sony, NOA, DMCA)

  24. PizzaLovingNerd - Linux That's Interesting says:

    How does Nintendo take these down so fast? Do they hire someone just to browse Kickstarter and Indiegogo and look for stolen IPs?

  25. If only the same thing could have happened to Mighty No 9.

  26. This title is misleading, much like these kickstarters

  27. Totally unrelated but I'm still pissed that I ordered SFANS Adapter… 🙁

  28. Was expecting a 9 minute long documentary on Mighty No. 9

  29. My goodness…
    These idiots on kickstarters… did you really think your scam was foolproof…

    If your gonna make a kickstarter, then please, you must know what you are talking about… otherwise you're gonna make fool of yourself.

  30. Imagine walking up to a Dev, shoving money in their face, and saying "MAKE MY FANFIC OR IM BUYING YOU OUT"

  31. The actual game that failed on Kickstarter was Scott Cawthon's very 1st Five Nights At Freddy's, it raised $0 but it still was made.

  32. Hell yeah my boy slopes doing this episode how did i miss this 1.

  33. please don’t use this narrator anymore god he’s annoying

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