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Evil Dead: The History and The Games | Movie & Gaming Retrospective Documentary

Slope’s Game Room
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A Deep dive into the history of the movies and the games from within the world of THE EVIL DEAD! | Get a 14-day free trial with my sponsor Aura and see where your personal information is being sold online:

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The Evil Dead is one of my all time favourite movie franchises. Every single movie is great and yet every single movie is so very different from the last

It’s a series that has spawned a hardcore fanbase and a series that is os much better than it has any right to be.

In this video I take a look back at how the movies got made, and on top of that, I take a look into all the video games too

An extra big shout out to the following people and amazing docs…
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  1. hmmm algorithm did you dirty. I sub and didn’t know this was out till I saw your post. Nice vid and hope the interaction makes the youtube gods play nice.

  2. I remember playing Dangerous Dave in DOS, around the same time Army Of Darkness came out, and I thought the game was based on it, even though the main guy didn't have a chainsaw. He did have a boom stick though.

  3. Ash vs Freddy vs evil dead was in the works back when Jason hoes to hell came out, hence the dagger and necronomicon showing up…. however Sam didn't like the developments and dumped the idea.

  4. Evil Dead Regeneration was probably my second favorite after fistfull of boomstick. It felt like a cross between Devil May Cry and The Suffering which were both released in that generation. Add to the fact that Ted Raimi was the sidekick was the best. I tried to play the Ps5 Evil Dead but i couldnt get into it.

  5. Mary Whitehouse lol. Imagine going back in time and showing her Terrifier 1 & 2 😂

  6. You might want to cool it down with your gesticulation during the live action sections, Slope. It comes off as really excessive and over the top.

  7. My absolute favorite movie franchise AND Slope? Groovy.

  8. That THQ commercial is hilarious

    Glad I still have AOD on my phone. Fun little game.

  9. @11:26 you say that ash vs evil dead ignores the events of army of darkness but that's not true in the second or third season ash talks about time travel and says he once went to the middle ages.

  10. Amazing video!
    Ugh, and I'm thinking I have every evil dead game but as always I forgot about 80s computers

  11. You're totally right, I love Evil Dead 2 specifically! 😜

  12. Ever get the perfect video at the perfect time? 🥳

  13. Oof, that Palace Video animated logo is a blast from the past.

  14. I remember when they showed The Evil Dead for the first time in finnish television. The year was 2001, and a new(ish) television channel called TVTV! had started broadcasting couple of years earlier. Their niche was cult-classics like Space 1999 and Prisoner, and they rarely showed movies due to their low budget. Then they started to promote the "very first showing of the most gory movie in the world in finnish television". The Counsil of Public Word was doing everything they could to get it censored and off the tv. It was degreed that the movie is rated "K-18" and could be shown only if it was after 1AM on a wednesday so that almost no one could see it due to work or school. TVTV! complied, and then proceeded to show it on "taxvärkki"-day, which happened to be wednesday AND a school holiday across the country. And oh boy did we underage schoolkids watched it out of sheer curiosity because of how much moral panic it caused in the media.

    It really was a Streisand-effect before it was a thing! 🤣

  15. Even though it only takes up less than half Bruce’s autobiography has great stories from the filming.

  16. reminder the "video nasty" crap still happening in australia with video GAMES. we still can't play risen from 2008.

  17. Money for nothing. Yeah and chicks for free Bruce. I miss drive-ins.

  18. Fantastic video! Love the mix of the film and the game analysis.
    The games are really enjoyable. As frustrating as Hail to the King is I still love it. The most recent game is absolutely fantastic!

  19. Ah yes, the famous "cans" film festival. YouTubers are just blatantly grifting and begging along with each other now.

    Don't give money to disingenuous people who make videos about other disingenuous people. They're just as disingenuous.

  20. Thanks Slopes… Liked the movie history, but not mentioning The Coen Brothers or multiple versions of Army Of Darkness felt like a miss… Also, did I doze off and miss a roundup of the game Fist Full Of Boomstick? Still a good video!!

  21. Aod is still canon to ash vs evil dead it just couldn't show footage from it

  22. The best deep dive into evil dead in years good work

  23. Shame this isn't getting more traffic – it's great (as are all of your other retros).
    I hope it picks up for you!

  24. Very fun and informative video about this horror franchise, I personally watched the original trilogy of films and the first season of the series (never got the chance of watch the other seasons properly).

    Besides interesting to see that Bruce Campbell's son is a gamer!, that's an interesting surprise.

    Also that the original tentative title of Army of Darkness was: Medievil Dead, well I'm actually kind glad that they changed the title, not because it sounded bad, it mostly because it could have affected or impacted the old PS1 game: Medievil (it could have gotten a different title or who knows?).

  25. I know im the only one but, on the show The Young Ones they have a episode where they get a video(vhs player). The house band on that episode was The Damned and the song was called video nasty. A vampire shows up and next thing ya know Bobs your uncle, he was really just the guy from Rumbelows.

  26. I always knew that the Hamburger Helper Hand was evil.

  27. Incredible quality documentary Slopes! You've outdone yourself this time (and that's saying something!)

    Groovy!! 💀

    I grew up in the UK in the 70s and 80s so all of this is pretty much my childhood, I remember Mary Whitehouse and the whole video nasty scene, as my Dad was really into horror and used to rent all sorts of stuff!

    I also had that Sinclair Spectrum Evil Dead game on the B-side of Cauldron, this was so comprehensively covered I applaud your hard work!

  28. I think that America got a different ending to Army of Darkness than Britain did. Britain got the post-apocalyptic ending, while the States got the ending where Ash is telling his story to Ted Raimi.

  29. I feel your pain Slopes. I want to play the latest Evil Dead game BADLY, but these days I don't have the time to 'git gud' with OMG's like I would if I was younger and had less responsibilities. Great video as always.

    P.S: On an old cartoon show from the 90's called Reboot, there was an episode set in the Evil Dead universe with an Ash Williams like character in it saying his catchphrase 'Groovy'.

  30. The first movie is iconic. The second is fine but it's overrated, silly and nowhere near as lean or mean as the first. The second film's "comedy" is also just overt and obnoxious where the first's was subtle and sincere.

  31. Great video! It looked like a lot of work, but you nailed it!

  32. Drag Me To Hell came out in 2009, a bit outside of "the last 10 years." The passage of time is cruel and unending

  33. Well done slopes. As a big fan of the series myself I even named my boy Ashley (I’ll tell him why when he’s older). Shame you didn’t discuss the board game from kickstarter which was funded, failed and brought back from the dead via a new game publisher. That story is worth its own episode.

  34. Its strange to see Evil Dead history from the British perspective. Nudity was fine in the UK but violence was prohibited while the opposite was true here in the US.

  35. ash vs evil dead does reference army of darkness when he takes Pablos corpse back in time

  36. Saw this when I was 6 back in late 80's. Scared shit out of me. But I was addicted to it and it's a film I watch at least once a Halloween.

  37. I hate most horror films, but Evil Dead 2 and AOD are something special. I have so many great memories with friends / housemates and girlfriends around these films.

  38. Bruce Campbell is great. I went to a showing of AoD last year with him hosting and it was fantastic.

  39. There was also an Evil Dead iPad game which was an above view tower defense.

    I’m trying to find it. I know it was out briefly and then was taken down. I know I didn’t hallucinate it.

    It was super dark and gritty where you were at the cabin and would lay down traps. Totally above head view. I remember there only being a few levels, but the maps were highly detailed.

    I am researching and I can’t find it. But I know it is out there.

  40. Wow – The amount of effort you put into making this is huge – the digging around, interviews etc. I wasn't expecting this at all and it was superb. Thanks! Have you read Bruce's auto biog "If chins could kill" from quite a while back now – def worth a read! (I'm guessing this is old news to you!). Guy's a legend..

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