Engineering a city on a STEEP mountain slope! -

Engineering a city on a STEEP mountain slope!

Real Civil Engineer
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Laysara: Summit Kingdom is a city builder with a difference, you must engineer a city on the side of a steep mountain. The risk of avalanche is constant, as were the steep slopes of some of my roads and buildings!



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  1. Bro i request plz keep this series on until the whole mountain fills up please

  2. "A type of wheat you can make from Barley".
    Definitely not a biologist.

  3. A lot of City Builders sort of avoid the difficulties of verticality – it's a lot of fun to see games like this and Timberborn embrace it.

  4. An entire community created for the sole purpose of supporting bridges and shafts.

  5. you just massacred your village. how do you feel?

  6. When will Matt actually give a 10/100 on bridge review?

  7. The only preventative avalanche measures i know off are either artillery or dynamite.

  8. You need to make schmeichel the editor go and pull all your bridge reviews and put them in shorts

  9. atp giving matt a key is just free stress testing of a game for devs

  10. it would be good to link to the game in the description!

  11. The mountain is too tilted, how can people live in a place like that.😅

  12. Carefull with building to many shaft and bridges. Josh from Lets Game it Out might take it as a challenge.. 😛

  13. ngl this game is pretty impressive by a 3 man group wow

  14. Really liking the 8.5 / 10 score for bridges lately aren't ya.

  15. I can get behind and take advantage of unlimited resources like that…

  16. That game looks gorgeous. Like, Jesus Christ, those clouds…

  17. OH SHUCKS!!! Laysara has been on my Steam wish list for several months. Seeing this video I naturally went right away to see if it had been released…. alas. Still "coming soon"

  18. UI and animation reminds me of ANNO 1800. even still, looks like an aenjoyable game

  19. I can’t stop admiring how beautiful this game is. It looks like an oil painting or super detailed clay. Everything just has so much texture and detail!

  20. The residents of this kingdom must have BRUTAL calves.

  21. The connected building models when you have multiple next to eachother has got to be my favorite part of this

  22. RCE isnt having so many bridges is kinda architecture move?

  23. i want to play it now its so cool just finished the demo

  24. Yeah that was very fun.. more of it would be cool

  25. Why does this remind me of the Tibetan(?) village Bruce Wayne runs across in Batman Begins? 😀

  26. What a lovely reimagination of the Anno type of settling islands game.
    It looks great, these 3 people who made it probably pour all their heart into it.

  27. Day 11 on asking rce to play plane crazy on roblox

  28. Only 3 ppl made this?!? Wow.
    The graphic design and the 3d models of the building are amazing.

  29. Matt I'm sorry to say this to u mate… But this many bridges and especially the criss cross one is reaching architectural territory.😂

  30. My guy, you play on the computer for a living. I recommend more ram

  31. The gaming mechanics really remind me of the games of the ANNO series. Would surely be lovely to see RCE play some ANNO1800.

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