Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise of the Dragons REVIEW | Slope's Game Room -

Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise of the Dragons REVIEW | Slope’s Game Room

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Double Dragon is back! but is it the retrun to the series that we desperatly want / need? I dropped roughly 12 hours into the game and these are my thoughts

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  1. Ahhh, once again my work day is easier because there's a new Slope video to watch. Excellent. 🤘

  2. Not really a fan over exaggerated cartoonish graphics to be honest but as someone whos a huge fan, the gameplay and the music really makes up for it. It'll grow on me i'm sure

  3. Its food trust me i like that every thing is its on button so u wont have to rely on one button like to do a special of tag out then u can do it twice

  4. Do people understand this game has no online co-op?!?! That should be the first thing said in every review.

  5. Crowd control is a term that originated in MMORPGs.

  6. I have streets of red on the switch..I will buy this on steam eventually

  7. I play 1 and 2 quite often on the net cause they are fun. Neon kicked ass and every 3 sucked it. Super or return of double dragon is ok, but incomplete and the rare digital that was on a system is every fan wet dream. I am so getting Gaiden cause I like double dragon series. Battletoads ultimate tag team hype.

  8. I'm a little frustrated with myself. The gameplay looks and sounds fun, right up my street (of rage), but I just cannot get past the graphics. I adore pixel art, I loved how Scott Pilgrim, River City Girls and Final Vendetta looked; however, the somewhat chibi style here just does not fit. Proprotionately, no one looks tough, visually, the blows lack impact because you can't believe that a strike from those twig arms would send someone flying, while the level of detail is kind of basic, feeling like unfinished placeholder assets for an earlier development build. I know we shouldn't judge books by their covers, but that presentation is too distractingly basic and undercooked for me to enjoy the game.

  9. Glad it turned out okay but the art style just doesn’t do it for me. Just looks like generic modern pixel art.

  10. Great soundtrack but after about 30 mins I was done with it. Found the combat system and enemies far too repetitive.

  11. Hey, it isn't just punch, punch, move back. You also eat bin chicken

  12. Something about this is just telling me to keep holding out for DD Neon 2.

  13. I've got the game but it feels slow but the mechanics are pretty cool, i like throwing bottles at the enemy lol

  14. The graphical style of this game doesn't remind me of double dragon at all. It looks good but generic, super colorful and disproportionate characters, cookie cutter backgrounds. The older games were cartoony but had a more gritty, urban feel to them. The backgrounds and characters in the older games were more creative. If this game would have been had any other generic name, you wouldn't' have known it was a Double Dragon game. It might be a good game, but it's not double dragon imo.

  15. This game looks like freaking joke. Bad characters / level designs. Marion looks like Ashley from RE4. I'll pass.

  16. I just hate the deformed body big head tiny legs look… just like shredders revenge… feels like I'm playing as dwarves.

  17. A lot of love and effort went into this game and it shows, but I don't feel it like a Double Dragon game. I would have preferred a Double Dragon Neon 2 instead.

  18. I wish they would stop making these big head-little body characters. I hope they come up with a add on to make their heads smaller.

  19. New Double Dragon, ok you have my full attention!!

  20. I bought it Day 1 coming from "Streets of Red" Also being a big DD fan helped make the decision to purchase it super easy. I Love It! I knew I would. 💯

  21. 💪😎👊💥👊😎👍
    Fantastic Review ! 👏

  22. Im a huge dd fan. Im not buying this. Its too cartoonie and cute. I want my dd to be more mature , aggressive and bad@$$. This isnt it. Pass.

  23. I kinda liked DD4… at least I like it more than DD3 which gives you more than one life and zero continues. Heard there were some issues with this one but perhaps if they got patched later I'd at least think about picking this one up!

  24. The art style/direction is soo boring.

  25. I was so happy with this game until I got to the final boss fight. All the bosses at once is hard enough but the final boss wont even let me attack. He knocks me out of everything. And thats IF I can reach him, when I fight all the mini bosses at once they wont let me continue without killing me instantly. When I doe and continue the game, they kill me before I can even materialize in the game. Im dead before I can even react for the continue!!!!! What the actual fuq!??? This has to be a bug or something that needs to be fixed right? The game was great until the final boss, then it was a cheating instant kill mess. WTF!!????? I cant even continue without being instantly killed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. i think its good fun, shop around for a cheap key.

  27. Golden axe final fight ghostbuster bring them all

  28. I really don't like the cartoony graphics. they really don't match the aesthetic and tone of the original. I just want them to make a DD that builds off the arcade version.

  29. I love the game I didn’t think I’d like it as much as I do but I really enjoy it

  30. I’m glad you understood how to play the game. I saw a few reviews & critiques criticizing the gameplay worded in a way that made it obvious the player didn’t understand the controls or the power up system. When you learn how all the controls & features work this game is friggin awesome.

  31. I like the mechanics, but i could never get into this one, due to the Funko Pop character designs.

    I hate the big heads. With passion. I can't get past that aesthetic.

    And the tiny character models just seem like an excuse to make sprites that lack detail and complexity. So it comes off as both lazy and ugly.

    I know the DD canon is complex and has more holes than swiss cheese, but I don't remember ever hearing that Bimmy and Jimmy (and everyone they fight) suffered from hydrocephalus.

    I hate that character design with passion. I consider it a personal affront. Thank god I was more of a Streets of Rage fan, because SoR 4 was nice, with big sprites and good detail.

    I may be able to enjoy the game's mechanics if i could get past the character design, but i can't do that.

    It's like babies fighting, and if i want a beat em up where you play as a baby, I'd play captain commando.

  32. It’s almost like they took some inspiration from River City Ransom

  33. Passing on this until free or dirt cheap even then eh and I always liked DD, but I am done with the on purpose 8 bit chibi look. Just over it. Give me a up to date graphics Double Dragon not something that looks RETRO to be retro like. I already played those games. Tired of companies making this lazy crap.

  34. Played at a friends. He thinks its OK. I personally think its garbage. It dosent feel like a Double Dragon game at all. The NES versions where different, but still made it a point to keep it close. This… this is something else with a “ respected “ name on it.

  35. Just can't get past the art style of this.Looks like it's just a bunch of cross toddlers throwing kicks and punches.Yeech. yuck.Hard pass.

  36. Umm.. slopes you forgot about Double Dragon Neon, the game that is out for nearly every console, and has gotten a physical release through Limitedrungames

  37. Double Dragon games used to be good at always moving forward. You stay in one place too long in this game. Not loving it.

  38. Couple gameplay choices I dont agree with (no dodge or block button but I reckon thats what the Tag is for) but this review has sealed it for me. I will pick this up

  39. Wow, great job cutting down on the original games that was amazing to say 4 wasn't worth playing to recomend a game that looks like shit and is made for a 3 yearold. Double dragon 1-3 was like the fighting games when i was a kid, just based on your recommendations, ill be blocking your channel. Go play hello kittys lick my puzzy island.

  40. Hi. Better check out Skinny & Franko: Fists Of Violence beat'em up game and you'll see what a real Double Dragon is 😆.

  41. I grew up on the arcade original of DD1 and 2. I was gutted that you could only get the massively poor Nintendo version on Xbox so when I saw this new one I got pretty excited. But from what I seen it appears as standard as it gets. I did not see any throws,weapons pick ups, the hair grab knees that made DD so cool back at the time, elbows, headbutts, barrel throwing. Or did I miss this?

  42. The full screen popup when you do things right is a real pain.

  43. I thought by the name that is was a mash of DD & Ninja Gaiden.

  44. 😪 The Viewtiful Joe big head body type tho. Its great for Viewtiful Joe but NOT DD.

  45. There was nothing wrong with DD IV.
    Stuck in the past?
    An 8 bit retro NES brawler???
    Let go of that pipe…

  46. This is a really good game, I just wish there was more to it

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