Don't Slide Down the Lava Slope! | Survival Battle! -

Don’t Slide Down the Lava Slope! | Survival Battle!

Team Edge
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Hey guys! In this video, we jump from couch to chair on the giant floor is lava slope! The goal is to be the last one on the slope but be careful, if you touch the lava, you slide down into the lava pit! Who do you think will win? Let us know down below!

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Welcome to Team Edge!
Heres 3 things we love!
-We love spending time with each other, creating crazy competitions, and having fun doing it! Thats all you’ll see on this channel every Tuesday and Friday!
-We love Jesus and believe its our purpose here on earth to spread the good news that he has saved us from our sins. Because we love him its our mission to provide family friendly content that glorifies him!
-We love you. We hope you’ll be part of Team Edge and join us for the ride!

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  1. I have been watching this chanel for years.I hope Brian and Joey will be on the same team one day

  2. Great Vid!!! You guys should do a 24Hr challenge on the slippery slope

  3. Happy holidays, mates!!! 💚❤️💙 RIP Marvin… totally not there

  4. Realized BOBBY CARRIES EVERYTIME at he first one he beats Joey in the last one third one he 2 v 1 uhhh me personally that’s really good

  5. I really love this one! You guys seemed to have had a really great time!

    The work you guys put into making this is incredible, from the concept of the episode itself to the set design and build! You keep finding ways to make the slippery slope more extreme and I am HERE FOR IT!

  6. I like the slopes but can you chang it up a bit

  7. Idk if you guys remember me but I've been super for 5 yes now, and you guys are awesome, very unlikely, but hopefully I can meet you guys 1 day

  8. You guys should be on floor is lava i can just imagine how chaotic it would be

  9. I love these vids so much . They never fail to make me laugh 😂 ❤

  10. Bruh I love Jake he is so funny it’s a funny video when he is in it

  11. bro he was steping in lava on level 2 sec level

  12. WAIT!!! Team Edge is back!!!!!! LETS GOOOOOO!!!!

  13. Bobby it real lava Bryan Joey stop that’s getting slime all over 😂🤣

  14. Not a big fan of Jake. Sorry, no hate intended.

  15. Why foes joey look like the cutter ability from kirby

  16. "He's Dead." – Bryan 2022. By Far The Best Quote I Ever Heard.

  17. I'm one of those folks who hates hate comments. But Jake spoils the Team Edge vibe. It's not being the typical alpha and over competitive. Even Bryan is competitive but he hones the Team Edge fun.

  18. Bryan’s the worse
    Drop him and pick up jake

  19. Oh wow the war was so real yeah they totally turned themselves

  20. First it was Bryan with the pool noodle, and now it was Joey with the oversized Q-Tip 🤣

  21. no fake praise for likes here but i bloody love these slippery slope videos

  22. Please…no more Limo driver. Jake is not meant for YouTube. It’s not personal

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