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DINO CRISIS: The Complete History | Retro Gaming Documentary

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Let’s take a look at the complete history of DINO CRISIS! That game we all want a remake of… arguably more than Resident Evil! | 💕 SIGN UP TO PATREON FOR EARLY ACCESS TO VIDS: 💕 ⬇️SOCIALS BELOW⬇️

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Here we have the complete history of DINO CRISIS! That video game series that everyone seems to be obsessed with retrospectively however when I went back to play these games again, I couldn’t believe how different each entry was!

Sure we only got 3 games in the main series + a couple of spin-offs. But every single game plays differently from the last… sometimes for the better but most of the time for the worst

But most importantly as always on the complete history series we will be taking a look at this games development, and how it’s so much more than simply resident evil… but with dinosaurs

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  1. I could never get it working on patreon, but the wait was worth it. Another great video, and yes, I'm with you with the aliens !

  2. I didn’t even know there was a DC3…

  3. You know I jumped on this as soon as I seen it thanks champ your videos are classic can stand the test of time you'll see straight classic man you really do make videos that you can watch for years but like most on here once all dates and stuff but yours can't wait for a complete history blue ray set Kickstarter that beast brother

  4. Thanks you so much for covering this series. Was a big fan of this series even enjoying the awful DC3. If DC1 gets remaked it should ditch most of the puzzles, have the starting part n bunch of sections taking place in the jungle.
    Always prefer DC1 even to this day, DC2 was fun but over way too soon for me. My lil brother has always been the opposite between those two games.

  5. First time seeing the American box art and ….. oh god that's ugly lmao

  6. The original DC hasn't aged too well in terms of gender stuff. Regina is a pretty helpless female protagonist, and she spends a lot of the game saying "I CAN'T DO THIS WITHOUT [MAN GUY]'S HELP." But I didn't know Dino Crisis 2 was so different from the original. I might have to check it out. It looks like something that would appeal to my arcade sensibilities.

  7. Dino crisis, wanna be, 2nd rate resident evil w dinos but 2 looks sick

  8. Dino Crisis is Capcoms answer to a Jurassic Park game and turn it into a survival horror and it is made by the same guy who made Resident Evil. It such a shame that Capcom isn’t going to remake these franchise. Maybe in the future but I highly doubt it will happen.

  9. I assume should it make a "comeback", it should follow the current Resi format aka Resi 4! I think Resi 6 would of been more ideal cos that game was more action pack!

  10. These games are still amazingly fun. Play t first two every day. Never knew about number three. Gotta find it now,

  11. Yeah I remember Dino Crisis. I bought it and played it up till the 1st Dino. Here the game made the fun decision of sticking the camera through a wall so you saw just bricks while a Dino attacked you. It did this every time…. I stopped playing.

  12. You don't see game commercials like that anymore, sad.

  13. What's with the guy saying deeno crisis instead of dino crisis on the dino crisis 3 commercial ?

  14. Sorry DJ Slope, but I going to have to disagree with you as Alien is a better film than Aliens. Though, honestly, their both great movies in their own right. Also, I'm not sure it would be accurate to call Dino Crisis a spinoff of Resident Evil except maybe in a spiritual sense.

  15. Talk. About. Amico. Kickscammers. Why haven't u done a video on this yet?

    Edit: I hear their might be drama behind it because you were for it initially? I don't care. You're awesome youbacked the wrong horse, no big deal. I want to hear your side of the story. Keep up the great videos!

  16. Dino Crisis is special for me because this the game bought by my sisters boyfriend early in launch window, so its only in japanese that I didnt understand at all. Thankfully He also bought me a magazine with Dino Crisis guide, and in less than 2 yeara He become my brother in law…

  17. Thumbs up simply on the basis of that Jumpman shirt.

  18. Thanks for covering this not-so-massive series. I love it.

    Out of curiosity, how is that worms complete history going? I wanna send it to my dad as soon as it’s out since he loves that series.

  19. Never played DC, but I watched an extremely patient Australian gamer, who's very good at puzzles, absolutely struggle with it a few months back; probably the most frustrated I've ever seen him. Would love to see a remake.

  20. 1:35 we NEED a proper SEQUEL . Not a remake, not a reboot, but a SEQUEL. The sequel we were robbed off, that continues Regina's and Dylan's story, we were robbed of that when they made that travesty called "Dino Crisis 3". I wonder why Capcom didn't ride the success of Jurassic World and revived the series.

  21. I think, all we want is a proper ending for Dino Crisis 2…

  22. One major problem with this video is that not once did you say Shu Takumi's name right. You kept calling him "Takami".

  23. Adam Stark Rap Artist Author Gamer Battle Rapper says:

    Fire wall! Lol! The first 2 games are classic! It was my introduction to my favorite Dinosaur the Gigantosaurus

  24. It irritates me that the subscribe button is basically useless. Gonna click that bell now, and block notifications on my phone so I can sleep in peace when creators many time zones away drop content.

  25. I always wondered if DC2 had any impact on the design of re4

  26. Backlog Buddies and Game Highlighter says:

    A trex taking out the twin towers would've been awesome

  27. The dino polygons looked a lot better in those blurry commercials than they did in your game footage. 90s games weren't meant to be played with modern day visual tech.

  28. RE: DC2 Underwater; dude, you can chain combos like crazy and make tons of combos.

  29. Bio Crisis, Zombie Dinosaurs. Make it happen capcom!

  30. Holy, man the editing in this video is chef's kiss

  31. Dino Crisis 3 ended up being bargain bin trash

  32. Haven't watched yet, but excited! Good choice!

  33. First two games are awesome 👌 great vid.

  34. seriously, your production skills get better and better. thanks for another fantastic video

  35. The reason they didn’t do 3d is because it didn’t look good, which is why they ended up going for pre rendered back grounds, so they could save the polygons for the characters items and enemies

  36. I remember borrowing the first game from my friend. So while I didn't own it I did play it and beat it. I never played the second game however but I have really fond memories of the first. The game is due for a remake. Too bad Capcom killed the series with the third game which I simply call "Diiiiiinos in Spaaaaaace."

    Edit : Hahaha. I see you also did the "In Spaaaaaace" thing too. Good stuff.

  37. Its funny ive never liked resident evil series no matter the release but I loved dino crisis games (those I didn't know about the xbox version)

  38. But would the dinosaurs in the remake have feathers?

  39. The original RE games are janky too, that's what's good about getting a remake, you get the game back but with modern gameplay sensibilities. I've seen people saying they want a remake of 1 in the style of RE 2 & 3 which makes sense considering it's origins.

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