Dead Cells Return to Castlevania DLC REVIEW | Slope's Game Room -

Dead Cells Return to Castlevania DLC REVIEW | Slope’s Game Room

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Konami got in touch with Motion Twin and suggested they let me take a lok at Dead Cells… So, here it is!

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  1. Dead Cells only has 1 weak point, and sadly is by design: the RNG is too punishing when it comes to what drops you get in a playthrough, but in a very nasty way. Everyone online agrees that, if you wanna have a consistent selection of the best items and the highest chances of only getting good weapons and the such, you must NOT unlock like over half of them. Not play them, not learn to use them… because once unlocked, they show up as drops, and, if they're not good, objectively, or they don't go with your playing style, them dropping will only mess up your next runs. So, you're fucked if you pick them up, you're fucked if not (as you don't know if they suit your playstyle and there's so much you can learn from a wiki. There should be a way to banish weapons you don't want to ever drop in a run. Otherwise, you're likely gonna get crap drops one after the other and get killed way too soon.

  2. Shovel Knight's DLC was the first thing that came to mind, and I had forgotten about Ballad of Gay Tony, that one was great. But I'd have to mention Undead Nightmare for Red Dead Redemption

  3. the wife and I just put in for the dlc, been a castlevania fan since it's debut on the NES (at least to me being in the states, I know there was a previous version exclusive to other countries for the MSX but I digress) so I've been hyped for this since it was revealed! with the way konami has been farming out their old IPs to other indie devs (like the getsu fuuma den remake, although I didn't find it as good as dead cells I appreciate them trying to revive their old IPs) maybe they could give these folks the keys to castlevania for a full proper game?

  4. The last of us or Shovel knight was my favourite. I should play dead cells at some point

  5. I have dead cells on ps4, steam and switch

  6. Whoa…new angle of the games room. Noice.
    Love how they added the "WHAT IS A MAN?" Symphony of the Night scene to that animation too haha.

  7. You can tell they had fun making this!

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