Chatting with Daniel Ibbertson (Slopes Game Room) -

Chatting with Daniel Ibbertson (Slopes Game Room)

Elliot Coll
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In my excitement to see Dan’s GameBoy sign, I forgot to introduce him… WHOOPS! This is Dan who runs a very informative, educational and entertaining channel about retro gaming history, his incredibly popular kickstarter series, kickscammer news, consoles and game reviews and much much more.

Check out his channel –

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  1. I know the consolized gameboy you(Elliot) have has intense latency when capturing, but im surprised you haven't done some livestreams or "lets plays" with a super gameboy (SNES) or the GB player (gamecube) going over some of your favorite gameboy games. We see you complete a line in Tetris when you fix a gameboy or maybe go a couple screens in Links awakening, but that's a corner of retro gaming I haven't noticed you do yet. Definitely good for the second channel. And to DJ SLOPE, I love your videos hope your family is doing well and I see some more kick scamming from ya!

  2. Two of the best YouTubers, one video.
    Larry Bundy Jr. Next Please! 😏

  3. Good stuff, looked up in the corner 😂 glad you have a sense of humor about yourself otherwise wouldn't have noticed.

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