Castlevania Advanced Collection - RETROSPECTIVE -

Castlevania Advanced Collection – RETROSPECTIVE

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Konami’s Castlevania is Back and this time it’s bringing the entire collection of GameBoy Advance titles + Dracula X with it | In this video, we take a deeper dive into why these titles are so well-loved and why you should play them, more info can be found here

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Castlevania is BACK!
It was only a matter of time before Konami revealed the Castlevania Advance collection and here it is!
CastleVania Circle Of The Moon
Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance
CastleVania Aria of sorrow
Plus, the Super Nintendo version of Dracula X (which was a sort of mini port of The PC engine;s Rondo Of Blood)
Konami were kind enough to let me have some copies of this collection for Nintendo Switch, Xbox and Steam so that I can take a deeper dive into why so many people think this series of games is so good

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  1. Circle of the Moon was put back in the canon awhile back. Legends is the only one that isn't.

  2. Replaying this after 15 years. It's so much fun.

  3. What I wouldnt do to play a remastered order of ecclesia smh

  4. From the looks of this, I wish all collections/editions were this loaded with features and context

    We lost our thick(ish) manuals, or maps and even the strange attempts at swag but we also lost that contextual bonus that helps grow your understanding/appreciation of the game.

    It's great to see Konami really go the extra mile and give the fans more than what they could ask for……..and far more than we're used to getting with most other collections.

    I'm going to have to put this purchase in a holding pattern……..[whisper] because I'm playing Bloodstained 😬

  5. And only $20. I like getting spoiled like this.

  6. Circle of the moon is great. Use DSS not just the whip and you'll see this games potential. Here's my tier list for the hand held Vanias.
    Dos,PoR,AoS,HoD,CotM,OoE, MoF

  7. Aria of Sorrow is my favorite, harmony of dissonance was my first, but I've never played a Castlevania I love more than Aria.

  8. I played a stupid amount of Circle of the Moon. So much replayability in that game.

  9. I still have all 3 original gba games, although aria won't save anymore lol

  10. Is anyone else surprised M2 didnt apply some shaders to HOD and AOS to kinda take away from the washed out look? heres to hoping they will patch the game to give us those options!

  11. I wish they’d finally license Symphony of the Night for the Switch as well as Portrait of Ruin.

  12. If by perfect you mean "runs like garbage on my pc" then sure.

  13. aria might take place in the future, but aside from a handful of enemies referencing the battle of 1999, handguns being weapons you find, and the positron rifle (the only futuristic weapon in the whole game)
    the futuristic time period really kinda takes a backseat as draculas castle feels just as it always has.

  14. #AD lol! yeah definitely looking to pick this one up at some point! I had COTM on GBA years ago but lost the system some time ago so would be nice to have it on a modern system. I did finish HOD on WIi U but wouldn't be opposed to revisiting it with the QOL updates M2 put in!

  15. not better than sotn, but very very good aria of sorrow is my second favorite castlevania

  16. People actually try and argue that Harmony is the first true sequel to Symphony and Circle doesn't count?

    I think my friend put it best in a conversation he had with someone else on Discord like a week ago:

    "I love both the GBA Castlevanias"
    "There's 3 of them"
    "Of which there are only two"
    "Harmony wasn't THAT bad"
    "Harmony deleted my save for no reason 3/4ths of the way through, twice."
    "OK that's pretty bad"

    Harmony is easily the weakest of the 7 Metroidvanias. It's not even close. Like I want to point out that the other person in that conversation had no idea he was talking about Harmony, she just instinctively knew.

  17. With the Xbox streaming app and a clip on controller to the phone=this feeling as true to its self as possible(without having a GBA).

  18. It feels good to finally own legit copies of games I've emulated for years 🤣

  19. Harmony had the most tedious and annoying 2 Castle System in the entire series. And bad music.

  20. This video made me hype for games I already played, gotta get the collection to show konami we want moar 😀

  21. Hey nintendo, metroid advance collection when?

  22. Man, between this and metroid dread, we have been spoiled metroidvania fans.

  23. First time playing these games and LOVE this collection, but ngl – I was rather disappointed by Harmony Of Dissonance. That's the only game that stood out to me as a bit lame, so I'm surprised to learn that it's generally held in high regard. I think Circle Of The Moon is SO MUCH better

  24. Harmony of Despair pc port when though 🥲

  25. Give Konami money or keep emulating this game like I've been doing for the past decade? What a tough choice…

  26. I'm going to hold off for a physical release. I want to own own this collection.

  27. when you hear the guys voice and remember " hi im simon from whatculture" lol

  28. Aria was my first Castlevania game, and it's still one of my favorites, right under Symphony. I beat Circle of the Moon a couple days ago and I'm playing through Harmony of Dissonance now. These games are so, so good. Too bad Harmony's soundtrack is so god-awful.

  29. I'm enjoying the collection, but it baffles me that they didn't add a shader option to help blend the pixelated graphics on modern consoles.

    As usual, awesome video.

  30. Well platinum this game… circle of moon by far best and music. Aria of sorrow is good too but i dont know about the music is ok… harmony worst music ever. Besides music though all of them have great gameplay. I like the unique style from circle of moon and its by far harder than the other 2. Aria was too easy and harmony was not much challenging either… i guess because i have much experience in all these games lol. I hope they remake collections… because although is nice to have collections, but remaking makes it feel more new… too many remaster games out there. Cant complain since they finally released a collection of castlevania.

  31. O wish they’d put Symphony of the Night on the Switch too, but I don’t have a lot of hope. Think it’s likely they’ll give the DS games the same treatment?

  32. Ah yes, the famed £ all Europeans pay with…

  33. Aria of the Sorrow is peak Castlevania. It's perfect.

  34. I have to ask but does Harnony of Dissonance syilla has ear bleeding OST? I remember that it has some areas with bgm that can't be called even 8-bit music

  35. Bought this collection as soon as I could and booted up Circle of the moon (my first GBA game)

  36. Circle of the Moon looks awesome. Like taken from an SNES. Harmony of Dissonance on the other hand looks just like the most GBA game ever. It felt like such a downgrade in that sense when I played them in this collection.

    All three games are awesome, nonetheless

  37. Damn dude – the GBA games and the DS games are actually the best Metroidvania games ever made IMO.
    Even though I own original copies of all of these, I would happily throw my money at these collections.

  38. I didn't realize Clarkson was doing game reviews now! 🙂

  39. If you're going to include a single random non-GBA game in the collection, Dawn of Sorrow would have made a lot more sense than SNES DraculaX. Dawn of Sorrow was a direct sequel to Aria of Sorrow, a far closer connection than any other two igavanias. It also would adapt quite well to a single screen, as most people will just leave the map up on the second screen full-time, which could easily be replaced (without even having to modify the game, purely as an emulator feature) with a button to pause the game and switch screens like it works in all the other games. The only thing that doesn't work directly is the touchscreen seal inputs, but it shouldn't be hard to have the emulator simply do them automatically with a button push with minimal implementation effort, as the number of times this happens in the game is few.

  40. I only ever played circle of the moon when I had my GBA

    But I thought that game was fantastic, especially the soundtrack

    Excited to finally try out these other two.

  41. If we can just get the DS collection peace on Earth what happened

  42. I'm disappointed there was no smoothing filter options for the Advance games. Other than that, I'm happy with the little amenities they provided.

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