BOULDER DASH: The Complete History - SGR | Retro Gaming Documentary -

BOULDER DASH: The Complete History – SGR | Retro Gaming Documentary

Slope’s Game Room
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Let’s take a deep dive look back into the confusing history of one of home computers most impactful and replicated games ever created BOULDER DASH | Don’t forget you can check out the original for free here… Are you ready to unleash your inner beast? 🤔🔥 Altered Beast enemies online is now available on SEGA Forever! 🎮💻 Explore dungeons, fight monsters, and collect treasure in this classic action RPG. 🏹💥

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Boulder Dash is easily one of my all time favourite classic home computer games, so when Stephan Berendsen asked if I would like to make a video based on the IP that BBG now owns… I jumped at the chance, especially as he gave me the contact details to plenty of people involved in the creation of this legendary game

Over the years Boulder dash has had more makeovers than Nintendo has had consoles! And because of that, the history can be a little confusing. In this video I go back and look at every release and speak about how and why they changed and what impact each release had on teh series as a whole.

As stated, a huge thanks to BBG who were incredibly involved in the creation of this video. If you wan’t to find out more about the series or to play the original from 1984 you can do so right here

Massive shoput out to the following peeps for providing voice overs
The Retro Hour Podcast: @TheRetroHourPodcast
Kim Justice: @Kim_Justice
Gouldfish on Games: @GouldFishOnGames
CTRL ALT REES: @ctrlaltrees

Also, make sure you check out these awesome artists who feature music in this video
Rauli Sulanko
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  1. as kid played boulder dash 16 on the C64 every day in the late 80ish, the version 16 was the king…. missing details about that in the video

  2. slopes password zone! I see what you did there and i love it!

  3. It's very strange. You sound British, but you look American. Very queer combination.

  4. I don't know how I didn't notice sooner, that the Boulder Dash character's name, Rockford, is very similar to MY nickname, which is a French cheese. The T is silent, mind

  5. I played boulder dash on MSX1 and it was good and enjoyable but after I see all of these new version I think it was great and I prefer the old versions.

  6. I had it on C64! It was my favourite game the console. 👍🏻

  7. This was a great docu! Very well done. Top tier! Learned a few things. The C64 version seemed to be good port. We had it on the 800XL. Preferred Lode Runner though but BD has better graphics and presentation no doubt. THANK YOU this was great.

  8. One of my favorite games on the MSX1, though I also played the C64 many versions and the Amiga construction kit one.
    A shame there wasn't an MSX2 or MSX2+ version with smooth scrolling and more colors and maybe more game mechanics utilizing more memory or something. I remember I've recreated the square movement in Amiga Amos basic program. Good times! It was an ingenious game at the time, and it still is!
    Great documentary! Never knew there were so many versions, I was aware of the ones mentioned above and the PSP and java/mobile phone one but the rest, even the arcade versions I was completely unaware!

  9. Wow, thanks for this video! I played Boulderdash ALOT on my C64 in my high school days. It was so fun, that I made several sheets of Boulderdash comic strips that I passed around class and shared with my friends. I STILL have the C64, the game, AND all the cartoons! Good times! Good times indeed.

  10. I always preferred a side version called "Icicle Works" on the C16.

  11. still remember playing this on the c64 when it had a time countdown, so your had to hurry to collect the diamonds

  12. I had no bloody idea this game had so many bloody renditions. Sorry, but it reminds me of Super Mario Bros 2, which I don't think I need to make more explanation here, but I mean the part where you dig and things fall where you dig. Cool. But make that a game?!

    Maybe I need to give this game a chance.

  13. What a great documentary! Thanks a lot for making this! So many memories

  14. Boulder Dash Construction Kit came out in 1986, but japanese gamers had been using level construction in their games earlier than that. Nintendo's data recorder was released in 1983 and with it came games where you could save your own levels, like Excitebike. Whoopsie!

  15. I don’t know why, but as a kid I didn’t get it. I had Boulderdash IV with construction kit but I was merrr. Some one released a version where the whole level was on the whole screen and it clicked. What a game and I love them. Just don’t why I had no time for it in the beginning

  16. 37:53 i didn't know the diamonds could fall in you too.

  17. Heya Slope, I was a really bad alcoholic for about 5 years and I had your videos on going through withdrawals pretty often. I finally stuck with it after having a seizure, and I'm going on a year and a half sober.
    I'd lost my old YouTube, and just recently found your channel again.

    Random, but your videos were a comfort in a horrible time for me, so thank you.

  18. I would love to see a Complete history of Ultima going back to Akalabeth. Lots and lots of good drama in that story.

  19. The 1984 ZX Spectrum version was a huge success for first star software and stayed at no.1 for (what seemed like) forever.

  20. A bit before my time, but another similar game I enjoyed alot back in the 90's was called Supaplex

  21. I can't believe official C64 releases were so few. I remember seeing tons of sequels released, I guess they were just created by 3rd parties with the Construction Kit.

  22. Ah yes. Rockford. I had this on my home computer. The graphocs were charming and the difficulty was managable. Five worlds with different themes. The jungle adventurer, the cook who fights fastfood while collecting apples, the cowboy, the astronaut who must run from black holes and the doctor who must endure and eliminate sickness. Great stuff. And then came Boulder Dash for the NES, the best version of that game ever. Nice graphics, great music. It took all Boulder Dash levels and rewrapped them,, also lending it a world oriented approach. 6 worlds with 4 levels each. And when you mastered all 24 levels, you started all over on expanded difficulty, that meant more enemies, more jewls to collect and lesser time. In total you had to survive four levels of difficulty. And when you beat the game, you got a special ending too. The NES game was truly a journey.

  23. This nrings back good memories from the C64 and Amiga days. It's such a simple and timeless game. Just like Space invaders Donkey Kong and Tetris. Simple and yet entertaining.

  24. First time I played this with my cousins Amstrad CPC and later I got the game myself for my C64. Very addicting and still fun to play which is something you cannot say about a lot of games of that era.

  25. C 64 boulder dash was my life in the 80s

  26. The first time I ever played this was Boulder Dash on NES.

    I’ve since gone back and played other versions but still fond of that one.

  27. A wonderful broadcast, thank you so much. Heard you on The Retro Hour podcast and have obviously subscribed to your channel. Played this on the Atari 800XL way back when and it's in my top two games of all time! 🙂

  28. LOL Just as I was building up to a Repton rant you mentioned Repton.. well played Slope my friend, well played!

  29. Interesting. I'm curious how exactly Living Mobile got in contact with Hudson at the time.

  30. It's very interesting to me how much they can change up the protagonist and still have it recognizably be Boulder Dash. Really shows how well the series stands the test of time.

    Platformer fighter game where every single fighter is one of the Rockford variations 😛

  31. They did the dash, they did the boulder dash, the boulder dash, it was a copyright smash, they did the dash….it caught on in a flash, the dash…..

  32. As an American born in the 2000's, I'd never actually heard of these games, but this is really interesting! I gotta say, my favorite designs for Rockford are the ones where he's a weird little alien thing.

  33. My favourite version of boulder dash is the PSX/Net Yaroze game Rocks N Gems

  34. Wow. I played the original back in the day on the Commodore 64, and had no idea about all the sequels.

  35. 0:44 Does anyone knows what is the title of this racer game???

  36. The best version was "La mine aux diaments" on Thomson T07.

  37. Oh please, the other games are trash with their hideous graphics, especially the 3D ones and have none of the epic huge scale of levels from the originals, as well as those amazing crisp diamond collecting and falling sound effects.

  38. I have somehow never heard of Boulder Dash before today.

  39. Not a series that ever really interested me but I think I’ll give it a shot.

  40. is a Remedy Entertainment complete history in the cards?

  41. Grew up with the Apple 2e version. Very colorfull. Loved this game with Mr Do too. 😀

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