Blood Omen / Legacy of Kain / Soul Reaver: The Complete History | RETRO GAMING DOCUMENTARY -

Blood Omen / Legacy of Kain / Soul Reaver: The Complete History | RETRO GAMING DOCUMENTARY

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It’s time to look at the entire behind-the-scenes history of the Legacy of Kain franchise including Blood Omen, Soul Reaver and everything in-between | Sign up to Antstream for free by following this link… ⬇️SOCIALS BELOW⬇️

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The Legacy of Kain series is a confusing one… starting with the fantastic top down Blood Omen original created by Dennis Dyack and McCulloch at Silicon Knights before taking so many right turns that it ended up going in circles unsure which path to take next!
After Silicon Knight told the story of Kain it was the Tomb Raider house that was Crystal Dynamics who would continue on with the series and even though this was a nasty crossover behind the scenes… Amy Henning did a fantastic job on the 2x Soul Reaver titles move from the original PlayStation to the GameCube, Xbox, PC and almost… the Saturn
And it doesn’t stop there either! Blood Omen 2 continued on the story whilst the company was being taken over by Eidos and eventually Square, before the Rocket League studio themselves (Psyonix) started work on a multiplayer deathmatch. Whilst several other games (most notable dark phoenix and dead sun) were cancelled!
Yep, this is one complicated story with a crazy amount of mishaps along the way, but still, fans love it. And hopefully you this video will entice you to pick up one of the earlier titles and get you teeth stuck into this awesome franchise

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  1. I could have sworn Blood Omen is available on PSN via PS3/Vita

  2. If LoK ever comes back I really hope it's as a new chapter rather than the constantly rumoured Soul Reaver remake.
    I understand why releasing the 6th chapter in a series that's been dead for 20 years rather than a reboot makes basically no sense financially but LoK deserves to have it's plot wrapped up.
    Honestly I'd settle for a novel or animated film to close things off, the series just needs closure.

  3. Without Amy Henning i dont want a New LoK. I'm Happy dead sun never came Out would be a disgrace.

    But anyway ,Great Video !

  4. My favorite series ever and is responsible for getting me into multi verse theory and expanding my vocabulary immensely. I'm sure I wasn't the only one who had to look up the meaning of more than a fair share of words they used. Thanks for doing this video Dj Slope. Vae Victus!

  5. Soul reaver means so much to me I'd love a remaster

  6. Ahh so excited to see you’ve done this! Bloody loved Soul Reaver and would die for a remake!!

  7. Unbelievable this franchise never got anything after Defiance, not even a freaking remaster of any of them or a freaking reboot. Well they tried, but all of then got canceled.

  8. Those are my most favorite game on the PlayStation I played blood Omen first excellent and the other two were just as excellent great video bro!!!! Thank you!!!!!

  9. "… overly complex lore-"

    Dude, Kingdom Hearts exists! And Kain better show up in it to drag those stories back to the grim fairie tales they were and show what it actually means to be heartless.

    This game is a favorite of mine and it does hurt to say the gameplay is where these games fall short but the story, art design and voice acting are the best of its era. They set the standard for more ambitious games that wanted more complex stories and much better acting. Oh, it hurts that SE decided to fps 'em as a GoT knock off with swearing and T&A but absolutely none of the characters from the series. Golly gee, I wonder why no one showed any interest in an LoK game without any LoK?.

  10. It's safe to say that the Legacy of Kain series should be left alone if there'll be a remake or remaster, they'll tone down the stuff just like how Diablo 2 and Oddworld ended up and try to appeal to 'younger demographics' sure it's quite controversial for fans but what else we didn't want to see how it happen even we can dream about it.

  11. interesting… i replayed SR1 last year expecting it to be meh- ended up loving it. the block puzzles are actually pretty clever, & with the dreamcast stick i had very few issues with the platforming bits. the combat sucks- but man! the level design is pretty good. Dark Souls-esque shortcut p0rn abound! then i got hyped to play SR2- and hated it. it looks & feels worse & i still hate the combat- which is what you spend most time with. the most intriguing story in the world couldn't make me finish it. * sad confused face *

  12. I loved Soul Reaver 1&2 and Defiance. The voice work and story really elevate these games. Maybe someday, we'll see a reboot.

  13. Well, this is classic Western development at its worst. Story and graphics matter a ton, but gameplay is less than an afterthought.

  14. I LOVE these games…AND this Series!!! Id love to see a new game on the new gen consoles….or just see any of these games Remastered….The Legacy of Kain needs modern attention……That would be Fucking Awesome!!….Or Theyd drop the ball and fuck it up???

  15. 18 years! I’ve been waiting 18 years for a resolution to the Legacy of Kain story. Fans like me got spoiled with so many games in such a short period of time in the early 2000s but I think we’ve all come to the sad conclusion that it’s never gonna happen. I’d settle for a reboot though!

  16. I don't think the industry today could make a decent sequel to Defiance

  17. Legacy of Kain gets the Slope treatment! As always, a great and in-depth, well researched video.

  18. When I first played Blood omen I thought it was really cool , especially seeing as nearly every new game at the time was 3D , was great to see a 2D game , and the atmosphere and story was fantastic

  19. Soul Reaver and GTA 3 made me realize the possibilities and depth that gaming could potentially have. I would kill for a dark Soul Reaver remake.

  20. I would sell my soul for a franchise reboot. I miss the characters and the world.

  21. I just recently replayed soul reaver 1 and 2, just in time DJ Slope lol

  22. We need the full history of the Oddworld Series

  23. Why does Balan Wonderworld get so much hate please stop shiting on that game it's actually really good me and my girlfriend sat there and beat it and we're on our second run through that game for fucksake stop shiting on that game it's actually really fun

  24. Dead Sun was horrible and I'm glad it was cancelled. Nosgoth was ok but still not what fans wanted.

  25. Amy Hennig saved the series. It wouldn't be the same without her.

  26. Sony marketing in the 90s was Sega's but worse. The guy in charge of it was actually a real life asshole.

  27. Still got my copy of the first one..still love and adore it…i even have the offical strategy guide for it

  28. What I liked about the LoK series was that just when you think you know who the heroes and the villains were, they flip the script on you.

    They should have put Kain and Raziel as fighters in Dissidia. (along with Aya Brea, Sora and Crono) Just imagine Kain stepping into the Dissidia arena and hissing "Vae Victus!" at Sephiroth.

  29. Nice. One of my favourite game franchises. Sad they didn't do more.

  30. with the assassins' creed engines this is a take my money game.

  31. The ps1 version of legacy of kain was on the ps3 in the uk for a while.

  32. Thanks for this. This series deserves a remake. Absolutely loved Soul Reaver 1 and 2

  33. In a world where game companies remaster the crap of the crap for each gen console, why haven't they remastered these? Oh yeah, they are not crap.

  34. You said SK and ptsd of 2 human instantly hit me

  35. Ahhh days when you could say words like moron in a tv commercial, today we pretend like morons dont exists haha…

    Now these are the kind of games that deserve remakes or remaster, instead we get remastered games that are not even 5 years old…and people pay for them again. Most recent example of bad remaster, Saints Row 3, first 2 to 3 hours are fun after that meh, Saints Row 2 is miles and miles better and no remaster, hell it deserves a proper remake haha. It looks like the only way to get this series back is if talented people in modding comunity get to work but then you face cease work from ip owners even if you didnt plan on making money of it.

    The only difference between repetitive game play in early 2000's and now is that now it just takes few extra hours for repetitiveness to kick in, there is no way against repetitiveness not even in real life hah

  36. oh slopes, now that you've done Soul Reaver/Legacy of Kain get ready for the Vampire the Masquerade requests XD

  37. For Fans of Blood Omen and Denis Dyack, He Started Apocalypse Studios and they have been working on a Spiritual Successor to Blood Omen called Deadhaus Sonata.

  38. @Slopes this was always one of my most favorite childhood games. rooted me in my own conscious culture lol like i became more aware of things id eventually fall deeply in love with like short stories, dark lore, gothic bleak realities. uggggh dude you blew my mind with the CHAKAN ref, seriously also one of my favorite childhood games id play on SEGA in between that, 32x, Master console plug in, & CHANNEL lol, the fact they have a connection and not a semblance in style made my year dude. dying for a new adventure into Soul Reaver. still praying to the ps5 gods that itll happen one day, loved the video, so vv appreciated Slopes <3

  39. Just wanna note that it's HENNIG, not Henning.

  40. Hey man. You brought so many of my fav franchises in your big Complete Historys but this time you cover my absolute favourite franchise great work man keep it on

  41. Something something Deadhaus Sonata…. 😉

  42. Soul Reaver on PS1 is a favorite game. Michael Bell as Raziel was awesome along with the other voice actors. Amazing musical score by Information Society, challenging puzzles and gameplay and cool Nosgoth to explore. Sadly, a reboot of the series doesn't seem to be happening any time soon.

  43. The original Blood Omen might be still available on PSN for the PS3. That’s how I got it many moons ago.

  44. It's one thing to not have enough faith to pour millions of dollars into a new game. It's another thing entirely to not even bother releasing HD-Remasters on modern consoles of these titles.

  45. Really enjoyed the lore of this ip back in the day

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