Blood Omen / Legacy of Kain / Soul Reaver: The Complete History | RETRO GAMING DOCUMENTARY -

Blood Omen / Legacy of Kain / Soul Reaver: The Complete History | RETRO GAMING DOCUMENTARY

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It’s time to look at the entire behind-the-scenes history of the Legacy of Kain franchise including Blood Omen, Soul Reaver and everything in-between | Sign up to Antstream for free by following this link… ⬇️SOCIALS BELOW⬇️

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The Legacy of Kain series is a confusing one… starting with the fantastic top down Blood Omen original created by Dennis Dyack and McCulloch at Silicon Knights before taking so many right turns that it ended up going in circles unsure which path to take next!
After Silicon Knight told the story of Kain it was the Tomb Raider house that was Crystal Dynamics who would continue on with the series and even though this was a nasty crossover behind the scenes… Amy Henning did a fantastic job on the 2x Soul Reaver titles move from the original PlayStation to the GameCube, Xbox, PC and almost… the Saturn
And it doesn’t stop there either! Blood Omen 2 continued on the story whilst the company was being taken over by Eidos and eventually Square, before the Rocket League studio themselves (Psyonix) started work on a multiplayer deathmatch. Whilst several other games (most notable dark phoenix and dead sun) were cancelled!
Yep, this is one complicated story with a crazy amount of mishaps along the way, but still, fans love it. And hopefully you this video will entice you to pick up one of the earlier titles and get you teeth stuck into this awesome franchise

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  1. Micaiah the Otaku Gamer [HybridAngelZero] says:

    So glad you decided to do this series! I'm glad most of these are still available on PC, and Soul Reaver and Blood Omen are available digitally on PS3 and Vita in their original PlayStation versions

  2. I have to agree with everyone here. This series is absolutely my favorite, and will always be fondly loved in my heart. A remake would be great, or at least a continuation from where defiance ended. Seeing how the “god” Kain gave “the business “ to vowed revenge. Also, I didn’t realize The first Blood Omen was that hard to find. Really happy that I found the director’s cut version at a flea market. Lol

  3. I loved blood omen but the constant loading would really bring me outta the game.

  4. My first one of these was Soul Reaver. I loved it! I didn't know everything was going on but the world felt big. I wondered what the giant skull was but it didn't matter. And the light Metroidvania was cool. The rune puzzles were fun but sadly most of the magic was pointless. The puzzles were a bit too blocky, but the ones involving timing were great. And the soundtrack kicked ass… and NO LOADING! And the lock-on mechanic made 3D combat easy!

    You can get Blood Omen on the PS Store for £4.99 right now. I had it on PlayStation and enjoyed it. Finished it too, cheated a lot but I really enjoyed the exploring and the fighting and the story and the way it made you feel clever for remembering you could go back and open a section. Good soundtrack in sections; the bits in Nupraptor's Skull Castle stick in my mind.

    I enjoyed Soul Reaver 2 with the improved combat that could be brutally hard. Very linear, no real exploring, but fun. And great story!

    Blood Omen 2… was OK. I finished it, sort of… in that I defeated the end boss and the bastard thing crashed.

    I really liked Deliverance, it was clever and fun!

    What could have been…

  5. Got hooked on Blood Omen 2 on PS2, loved the gameplay mechanics and completed it over 2 days! 😃 (I haven’t completed many games 😝)

  6. Legacy of Kain is a classic. Such a bleak, dark series but also very unique and engrossing and atmospheric.

  7. I will forever have the jewel case of Blood Omen etched in my memory.. When I was very young and we’d visit my Uncle’s family, his sons had a Playstation and they’d show us all their games.
    I pulled out Blood Omen and asked what it was; He stated that I couldn’t see that game because it was too grisly and scary, explaining that you played as a villainous vampire but that he would show my cousin and older brother after I went to bed.. I was 8 and very annoyed cause I played DooM and Mortal Kombat religiously (or perhaps sacrilegiously during those days of video game controversy).
    So I would just stare at it during that week there, especially the skull with it’s eyeball and the screen grab of Malek.

    I wouldn’t get a chance to play it proper until I got a Playstation 2, having played Soul Reaver on Dreamcast first.
    To this day I play Blood Omen almost every Fall to get in the Halloween spirit 🙂

  8. How hard is it to actually say sim-i-larities 🤣🤣🤣 top hat gamer has the same problem saying sim-u-larities 🤣🤣🤣

  9. Holy shit i used to work at that University and St Catharines is my home town.

  10. Thanks Youtube for not notifying me on a video on one of the greatest series in History

  11. That Dead Sun looks like it has real potential.

  12. I have eternal love for this series, but damn did the time not treat them well in my opinion. I recently played Soul Reaver 1 on a stream for my friends who never played these games, trying to get them into the incredible world and story of LOK. It failed. None of them stuck around for the full gameplay, one by one abandoning the stream as the game progressed cause they were bored as they said. Not fun to watch in their words.

    And I fully have to admit, even through my nostalgia and childhood love for the franchise I too was bored by the gameplay as well cause it was just so tedious by today's standards.

    This is a series that can surely benefit the most from a remaster/remake (unlike the remakes they are making nowadays of games that are like 6 months old to begin with). Keep the same VA files, maybe improve their quality through software, remake the games and profit. Keeping the VA is a must for me.

  13. I always felt that loksr had really tight combat + a sandbox world predating gta3. loksr2 was the illusion of a sandbox but still very much on rails, they did something to the combat & it became less punchy and more of a chore. If you got sick of the boring combat and tried to just run past everything, the devs had put temporary barriers up, forcing you to dispatch all enemies to move on…

  14. Blood Omen was my favorite in the series but I don't think people who weren't around at the time realize how awesome soul reaver was when it first came out. There was so much stuff you could do in it that you couldn't do in any other game

  15. "Best way to play it…", Dust my PSX off and play it.

    I don't even want a sequel, the story wrapped up perfectly. I want either a remastered collection, a full remake of the series, or a new game set between Blood Omen and Soul Reaver, where it follows Kain's rise to power ("Evolving" new traits and changing appearance over the course of the game from BO era to SR era, all the while the Pillars crumble.). The LoK series is amazing, and whilst the gameplay isn't perfect, it's still passable. It's all about the story, and the voice acting – both of which are absolutely worth picking up the series for.

    LoK and Legend of Dragoon don't get enough love. They need updating.

  16. I loved the first game. Soul Reaver is what turned me off from the series.

  17. We NEED Square to restore all the cut content in the original Soul Reaver game. That would be legendary.

  18. My all time favorite series. Proudly have a tattoo of the soul reaver on my arm. I'm glad I'm one of an army of fans that will never let this franchise fade into obscurity. It's so damn good. I have the entire series cinamatics downloaded on my phone and watch them all the time while I work. Can't help but quote it and try to replicate Simon Templeman or Michael Bell's voice inflections even if I'm terrible at impressions. Lol.

  19. I played the more I played every single blood Omen everyone there's more than one blood on men and I played every single Soul Reaver I like them all it was not blend to me I really like them all

  20. I wish they will come out with a collection most likely it won't be on Xbox if they would

  21. Can they still bring razzio to life remember in the third soulweaver game the sword swallowed him the real soulweaver how are they going to bring him back if he got swallowed by the soulweaver

  22. But what do I care I don't even play on a PlayStation anymore if they were to bring these games value will only be on PlayStation I don't even like the new systems when it comes down to PlayStation

  23. These games will not be on Xbox if they were to come back

  24. The Hamburglar🤣🤣😂🤣😂 if he sees this message tell him to give me a cheeseburger from McDonald's make it a double

  25. All these need to be remastered for the newer consoles….

  26. The original Blood Omen is now released on GoG! I still own it on PS1 but I'll be picking it up for PC as well.

  27. I began from defiance and boy it was hard to understand who and why.
    but the vibes the voice the story just amazing to tears at the end.

    who knows, the coin is still turning … maybe we will get our sequel.

  28. I'm posting from the near future with the happy news that the original Blood Omen is now on GOG for $7 US. I'm over the moon for this and hope that it being promoted as part of GOG's anniversary will encourage a new generation of gamers to discover this great series.

  29. Sidebar : that 'neon at night' theme in your studio is looking great – like a really chill after-hours show. Love it 👍

  30. Definitely remember renting both Syphon Filter and also Kain. 24 hours later I'd yet to even open the case and browse SF's manual (you youngsters call them 'Epilepsy warnings' now). What a game – and so true, it blended elements that were seldom seen but it was all presented with skill – hopefully there are tons of PS1 owners who remember playing Kain, and maybe some who still do 🤔

    (Really enjoyed Syphon Filter when I did get round to it, Gabe Logan found his place)

  31. Just in time for blood omen to be released on gog

  32. 32:10 looks like Eddie from Iron Maiden ! Love this game series one of my favourites… to be honest I enjoyed every single one played though them all about 10 years ago in order took about 5 weeks. Brilliant story line.

  33. yes please res the franchise, turn it into some woke trash, then get it cancelled forever after crushing the legacy.

  34. Finally got round to watching this awesome Complete History of! Amazing job 👏👏👏👏

    I’ve got such fond memories of Soul Reaver. The story and lore felt so unbelievably dense and intricate.

    I was 13 in 1999 and that first Soul Reaver game on PS1 along with Metal Gear Solid totally and redefined what I thought a video game could be.

  35. I love the legacy of kain soul reader series was amazing n my all time favorite

  36. Kind of sad you made no mention of the late ,great voice actor Tony Jay who voiced the (Hermaeus Mora ) character which gave Raziel a chance at revenge.

  37. I has the original PS1 souls reaver (with the lenticular cover) and blood omen. The prides of my PS collection.

    My damn ex-wife sold the things when we split up!

  38. "I know you, Raziel".
    Man, I love these games. I still own a PS1 just so I can play Blood Omen and Soul Reaver.

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