BEST GAMES OF EGX! Day 1 top games with Slope's Game Room! -

BEST GAMES OF EGX! Day 1 top games with Slope’s Game Room!

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I met up with the awesome DJ Slope from Slope’s Game Room at EGX 2018 to talk about our favourite indie and AAA games of day 1! We only managed to cover a few but I have lots of indie game interviews to put up soon so check my indie games playlist for those!

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Presented by Bex Trista & Daniel Ibbertson aka DJ Slope with a cameo by The Gaming Muso.

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  1. The Shredder game is amazing! So bizzarely creative.

  2. Unless they were shredding copies of Fifty Shades Anything … that looks horrible … all those poor defenseless books … shredded in the prime of their lives. #giveahootreadabook

  3. Switch & Shoot looks cool! …feel like I've been playing that "Shredder" game recently, just without the interface 😀 Nice to see the indie scene picking up! Cannot wait to see more indie VR games too! Another great video and awesome to see DJ Slope. I mean, you talk about a bear with a gun! 😀

  4. Who’s that idiot crashing the video at 0.27?! What a knobhead!! 😂😜

  5. First time I've seen Dan in anything other than his standard black Slope's hat PMSL

  6. A whole load of great looking indie picks there!
    Cheers Trista 👍

  7. Your getting an Oculus? Cool! Yes, you can get Battle zone. Beat Saber is listed as "Early Access" on the Oculus store. Can recommend Lone Echo. Robo Recall is just visceral fun! Google Earth is a good experience. BUT PLAY REC ROOM! It's a free & cross platform game.

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