Ashens Plays... Slope's Game Show (With Q&A) -

Ashens Plays… Slope’s Game Show (With Q&A)

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Extended highlights of Stuart Ashen’s second appearance on Retro Unlim Live 45. Full show here:

Also starring Larry Bundy from 22:00.

Q&A starts at 29:10.


  1. This was bloody awesome to watch. If Slopes Game Show was to make a return I'd put my hand up to get on that or… you know… just watch at least! LOL

  2. Such a great laugh, Watch this space as we will no doubt do this again SLOPE'S GAME SHOW WILL RETURN!

  3. GadgetUK164 - Retro Gaming Repairs & Mods says:

    Great fun =) How the hell Ashens spotted ET from one square revealing all of 12 pixels or something… He must play ET a lot! =D

  4. How is it possible to have ashens and Larry on the same show together and only get 230 views lol

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