5 Voice actors fired for stupid reasons! | Weird Gaming Facts - cybergame-beauchamp.fr

5 Voice actors fired for stupid reasons! | Weird Gaming Facts

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Here are 5 examples of video game voice actors that all got fired from their iconic roles… for stupid reasons |💕 SIGN UP TO PATREON FOR EARLY ACCESS TO VIDS: 💕 ⬇️SOCIALS BELOW⬇️

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Here today, gone tomorrow! This is the story of how 5 iconic voice actors ended up loosing their roles as some of the most iconic video game characters of all time.

And for the most part

The stupid reason as to why that stupid thing happened

Extra big shout out goes to jon from real otaku gamer for helping script this episode and finding the information for each segment. you check him out on Twitter right here…

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  1. I dunno bro being a sex pest is fairly justifiable reason to boot someone

  2. I've had an NDA with Nintendo for a voice role (nothing fun, 1-2 Switch) and they are NO JOKE. Though being a shitty person is way worse than violating an NDA.

  3. Yeah gonna echo everyone else and say you should probably change it to 5 Wild Reasons or something.

    And while I'm not saying Flynn is 100% innocent, you should have probably covered that court case that did vindicate him a little

  4. I mean America hates it when the truth is said about them when the chicks complain about how it was unreasonable to go to war over I think that was stupid they got canceled because they didn't openly is celebrated murder rape and genocide that the US did while playing God

  5. Was that Offhand Disney in the #4 intro??

  6. Sutherland was good as Snake, but there was no reason to have changed the actor. Maybe it would have made sense if Hayter had been used in another extremely spoilery capacity which people who've played the game might guess, but nope. Konami will Konami and Kojima, while a design genius, is too much of a diva to have been good to an extremely loyal voice actor.

  7. Very clickbaity video title. None of these reasons were stupid and all pretty valid to anyone with a tiny bit of common sense!

  8. Replacing Hayter seems logical considering the revelations of MGSV's endgame.

  9. Hideo Kojima seems to be a bit of a nutsack in my opinion 😅

  10. Quenton is innocent and all these allegations are False and you have no proof of this. Keep Flynn out of your freaking mouth. Please.
    These Metoo members are liars and they are just want attention

  11. 5 Voice actors fired for COMPLETELY REASONABLE reasons!

  12. venom snake just thinks hes big boss.. witch makes sense of the different voice actor

  13. So that's the reason why there is no English VA for Cloud in Smash. I've always wondered but never bothered to search the Internet to find out why.

  14. damn mandy moore is unrecognizable!

  15. Kojima doesn't just hate David Hayter. He hates pretty much the entirety of MGS (the original American version) feeling its a bastardisation of his original work. He has basically tried his best to ruin people's original perception of the first game ever since.

    Otacon was meant to be a dislikeable white weeaboo joke in MGS but he was so well written by the translator that he became an instant fan favorite.

    Kojima hated this and decided to try and make him as unlikable as possible in the sequel.

    Literally character assassination

  16. Byleth was so robbed, refuse to play that game outside of Emulator on 1.0

  17. Quinton shouldn't be fired while Hayter worked with Bryan Singer…

  18. Hayter's day will come for working with Bryan Singer while Quinton catches the flak.

  19. Well crap on a broom stick, where I live it's nothing to walk into a fast food restaurant and see Meth Heads working the cash registers.

  20. Are you going to talk about how Bryan Singer worked with Hayter?!?

  21. Where did you get your shirt from? I love it! 😀

  22. There are SO many anti-war activists that think that Valley of the Wolves is reality, but I guess that is what you get when the various groups of "useful (useless) idiots" that comprise of the left, right, middle, and fringe begin to fight among each other, and even within their own individual groups, and yet people that are like myself get caught up in the crossfire.

  23. I would make it a law that would be enforced internationally, as well as domestically, to ban any and all NDAs, and to make companies that enforce them cease to exist.

  24. Chris Niosi did what he did to himself, not so much the violation of the non-disclosure agreement, but, rather, for the other forms of abuse that he had inflicted upon people, and ditto for Quinton Flynn.

  25. The whole Steve Burton thing is one of many reasons of why I hate unions.

  26. No, I will not do as you say, Slope, I will call a spade as a spade, for a harshly told truth is far better than a kindly told lie.

  27. Well, as for the first one, David Hayter was not to blame for that one, as that one was all the fault of Konami themselves, and now they no longer have a Metal Gear franchise anymore, particularly due to the actions of one Hideo Kojima. However, since the sequel of GetsuFumaDen has been released, as well as Crimesight, maybe Konami is finally knowing how to make good video games again? Now with that being said, a lot of people tend to overlook the fact that David Hayter also voiced one other significant character in Konami, namely, Alucard in the Castlevania series, and that, unlike his business relationship with Hideo Kojima, Koji Igarashi, a.k.a., IGA, actually valued his business relationship with him, so much so that, when IGA left Konami, along with a few of the people that had worked with him on the 2D Metroidvania games for their own Bloodstained franchise, so I guess that he got a bit of a silver lining with that overarching story of controversy, to say nothing of the rest of Konami, as well as Nintendo, literally treating him better than Hideo Kojima ever did to him. Also, if I was at Konami, I would have not only fired Hideo Kojima, but that I would also ensure that he NEVER got to work for ANY video game company, Western OR Eastern, ever again, let alone had just turned him down when he tried to get started at the company in the first place. (I probably would have done that to Koji Igarashi as well for his issues with the Sega Saturn exclusive content in that port of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, as well as him rejecting the legitimacy of Castlevania: Legends, and then made an international re-release of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, for not just the PS1, but also the Sega Saturn, and the N64, with the censored things undone, and the Sega Saturn exclusive things, but that is a whole other story for a whole other time.) Finally, as for Kurt Russell and Kiefer Sutherland, well, the latter kind of got into trouble of their own and the former had a long and fruitful career, and I think that he is pretty much retired at this point, as he had earned it for the good roles that he did outside of the video game community.

  28. I do want to mention that Chris Niosi has gone through therapy to make himself better and has recently done new voiceover gigs and even script adaptation work for some anime.
    Not to mention he’s released a video game reboot of TOME.

  29. Kojima needs to do a sequel to Zone Of Enders and or Snatcher, Komani have not been the same since the split so either make up or Kojima need to make a live action of either franchise. 😄

  30. I would personally say that while it is an entertaining video, this whole list would need redone to follow some kind of theme. Billy Zane's reason wasn't really that stupid nor did he himself do anything stupid as far as I personally can tell. He just took part in a controversial movie even though he didn't particularly agree with it outside of finding his character interesting, and people don't like controversy. Guilt by association is really the only stupid thing about that.
    Steve Burton's case was just more unfortunate than anything. One can say that the contracts were stupid, but I wouldn't be surprised if there was a reason for him to have a contract stating that a work has to use his real name and not a pseudonym.
    I think David Hayter's reason is the only one that is somewhat stupid. Kojima was simply a Hayter. Yeah, I know that pun was bad, lol.
    Pierre Taki and Chris Niosi simply did stupid crap, so their reasons for getting fired was not that stupid.
    As such, I would say that if this were to be remade, I would say to either put in actors who actually got fired for stupid reasons like David Hayter or put in actors who did stupid stuff like Pierre and Chris.

  31. 15:57 Stupid rules but there is a good reason those unions to exist… If you want to see access to healthcare or a retirement plan as a privilege, it is your opinion but for me, and a lot of other people, it is a basic human right…

  32. >Chris Niosi and Quinton Flynn are abusers

    >'stupid reasons'

    uhhhhhhhh. May want to remove those, or retitle the video, my dude, because as reasons go, calling that stupid is definitely A Look

  33. I love Kojima's games and while think what he has the right to choose who he wants to voice his characters…..I can't help but feel a little disappointed in the way he treated David Hayter. I mean I heard Hayter has no hard feelings towards Kojima but I still feel like it was sad to see Kojima not like him.

  34. Its 2022. Please dont ever call Death Stranding a "Walking Simulator." The uninitiated stopped calling it that over a year ago.
    It's an art piece about connections, living and afterlife. It has trucks and reverse motor trikes too.

  35. i always thought later on that Snake's VA was replaced because he was in fact NOT Solid/Naked Snake. and that Kojima just took it too far by not telling Hayter that he just went along with the replacement narrative.

  36. In 2021 my favorite lovey-dovey anime sim had the entire VA cast wiped after one of them tweeted about Taiwan. Still good but really soured the player/studio relationship

  37. I've spent months trying to figure out why you keep Blokus with your vinyl. Sort it out Slopes.

  38. Are you going to do a kickscammers episode about the Intelevision Amico?

  39. Not being a huge follower of voice actors I've never heard of any of these between Zane &… well everybody in the Metal Gear clusterfuck. And I feel that Zane should have gotten #1 Stupid Reason due to his career of portraying Bad Guys disqualifying him as a Bad Guy. The SAG BS prob'ly @ #2. As for the MG bit, I'd call that petty rather that stupid (although yes, pettiness is stupid, but IMO they are both distinct descriptors). I'll assume it got #1 place due to having the most well known names involved.

    Side note: Until now I'd always thought that David's name was Hayder until I heard Slope pronounce it & saw it spelled in the comments. I'll chalk that up to North American (my own locale) poor enunciation that often morphs T's into D's & never really reading about the topic to see what my ears missed.

    Random thought: My new head cannon says that Disney's last conversation began with "Hey Walt. Who do you want to play you in the biography?".

  40. I don’t think any of these are stupid, the video is interesting but the title doesn’t suit it.

  41. Dude, please don't do this. You're not that guy 🙁

  42. I mean…in the end, replacing David Hayter in MGS5 makes sense considering that Punished Snake is not actually Big Boss. Unless the actual Big Boss in MGS5 was also not David Hayter. MGS5 Ground Zero, however, was Big Boss and thus…should not have been anyone but David Hayter.

  43. We really dodged a bullet on Kirbopher Byleth

  44. Whoa. You need to check your information. Accusations and being proven are too different things. You didn't make that distinctions at certain points. Flynn also had a lawsuit against the accuser and won. Other accusations followed, yet no evidence has ever been put against him as he has not been arrested or taken to court.

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