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2016 & The future of Slope’s Game Room

Slope’s Game Room
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☠ The 1st ever survival horror:
☠ The SEGA ninja princess:
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☠ Zombies ate my Neighbors was a trilogy???:
☠ The 1st ever Batman Game:
☠ Sega’s 1st ever Mascot you never knew:
☠ McDonald’s Video Games:
☠ Nintendo World Champ cart sold for $50:
☠ Nintendo’s 1st ever Mascot you never knew:
☠ Popeye Video Games:
☠ Roland the forgotten mascot:
☠ Johnny Turbo: The worst mascot ever:
☠ Ecco the Dolphin’s Messed up Inspiration:

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Slope’s Game Room reviews every Disney movie and Video Game…
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Does anybody actually read this stuff?


  1. keep up the great work Dj slope! All the best mate 😊

  2. I hope 2017 will be even better for you! Thank you for the great content!

  3. your segments are fantastic. You deserve 100k subs today.

  4. Happy new year, and keep up the good work! Really enjoy your videos.

  5. great channel. as someone who just discovered your channel very recently,you have a new subscriber and fan 😀

    also,please do a video on the complete history of Corpse Party. it is an incredible and obscure series with tons of history from 1996 until now. it deserves all the love it can get 😀

    also on:
    Dragon Age
    Mass Effect
    Baldur's Gate

    Please 🙂

  6. Happy New Year Dan. Continued success in 2017 mate.

  7. SteadySphere - Pixel Empire Video Reviews says:

    Happy new year dude! Gotta say I binge watch a lot of your Complete History as it's always fun finding out about games I haven't had the chance to play or new facts about ones I love. Awesome stuff 🙂

  8. How did the great stuart ashen help???

  9. You are indeed most welcome Sir, you helped me out just as much as I helped you though, probably more so 😀

    But as I've said, it's down to your talents dude, you could have all the promotion in the world, if people don't like your work, they wouldn't sub to you, so it is down to your tireless work matey!

    But here's to 2017 🙂

  10. Thanks for all the great content you've created. Recently discovered your channel within the last few months and do not regret a second that I've spent watching it. You deserve every subscriber you have and many more.

    Here's to this channel growing at an even greater rate in 2017!

  11. thank you for making great content.  I haven't subbed to a game channel in years because they're all crap and seem to be more focused on quantity of content, instead of quality.  There's a reason Larry Bundy took you on his channel.  Happy new year!

  12. loving this channel keep up the great work man.

  13. Collabs are definitely beneficial to growth. I enjoyed every one of your video's this year. It's been a blast! I hope 2017 for you will be filled with many many more subscribers, interesting discussion and awesome games. Cheers!

  14. You deserve it, you're a great editor and researcher.

  15. I'm happy your around Ibbertson, and all of your subscribers you have earned! Keep up all of the great work because it is much appreciated! Hope for another great year in '17 🙂 (Fingers crossed for a Wonder Boy video in the works)

  16. just found your channel! your style is great! please consider doing a resident evil video in 2017

  17. I live in Canada(originally from Brooklyn NY) and I can tell you and I don't just share the Queen but our love for video games. All of your content is top notch… great quality, very informative and entertaining.. without any of the pushed on negativity or dirty wannabe funny commentary. All of your subscribers are well deserved.. keep it up bro!

  18. Heard you on the Rotoscopers podcast, you turn up everywhere! ;D

  19. Your subscribers count is still way to low for a channel with high quality, well researched contents like this.

  20. You deserve all of the subs, mate. Hope it keeps climbing, your content has always been great.

  21. You have excellent strong eyebrows & I feel they have had some input in your ever burgeoning subscribers so worthy a thanks? Being silly aside you're output is regular, interesting and quality. You're engaging and from a wonderful, wonderful country! All the best for 2017

  22. Its clearly been a great year for you! Well done Daniel for your hard work on your channel and assisting Larry!

  23. Larry sent me here as well, and I'm glad he did.  Already one of my absolute favorite channels.  Really enjoy the well researched and produced "Complete History" series.

  24. Happy New Year, Dan! Thanks again for the year of amazing content. You made 2016 a little more easy to digest.

  25. soon as i started watching your work i was hooked man keep rockin it in the new year

  26. i had loved crazy taxi, maayyybee as much as you did, and yet not until your complete history did i know how crap the gamecube port was.
    off to my friends house who owns a dreamcast!

    and also, i wish a very successful new years to you dan!
    thanks for such hard work and amazing content!

  27. Thank you fall your effort and great work on your channel, im not a english native speaker so im learning english with your channel and also about of video games, i startet on your channer thanks to larry bundy Jr, oh my.. i just saw all of your videos i learning a lot my favorite ones are the complete history series, soo amazing! again thanks for all, i learned so much of sega thanks to you

  28. You sir are a legend. I adore your channel and I'm so glad I found you this year. We must arrange that awkward hug in person soon! Congratulations on an amazing year !

  29. Please, for the love of God, do a video on the full story of Frog Fractions. I beg of you, now that we had finally found Frog Fractions 2.

  30. if you allready know, jumping bug waswas the first sidescroling platformer(develeped by hoei who later became Banpresto and published by sega in japan), but when look at it, hoei's first game was mayday, and it was a defender clone, does that mean that jumping bug was indpaired by defender too?(sorry for the spealing errors)

  31. love the channel. I don't know how big a fan you are, but I think a clover studios complete history would be great, or just the viewtiful Joe series

  32. Amazing achievement in 2016 and definitely well deserved. Love to see your channel grow with all the hard work you put in and with this success you haven't changed. Still the same awesome guy from when we first started talking and you only had about 3 videos out.
    Here's to more success in 2017, growing more, I hope it's even bigger and better than 2016 🙂

  33. With all of the work you put into research and making these videos you're severely underrated, here's hoping you get the subscribers you deserve in 2017!

  34. Larry sent me here and I stayed for the Amstrad CPC.

  35. I like your channel, but I don't like long channel update videos. Downvoted.

  36. Found you through Mr. Nitpick and haven't been disappointed buddy! You obviously put A LOT of work into your videos and keep up the good work, best of luck!!

  37. Bro I would love to see a history of robocop games sometime I played loads of different versions as a kid on different platforms but I know there was a lot more. (robocop 2 on the Atari st harder than dark souls lol). I'm sure there's one out there by someone else but I like your stuff.

  38. I'm looking forward to more " Complete History " Videos in 2017 🙂 keep up the great content!!

  39. Thank you for all your continued hard work, your videos and critique's are amazing!!! PLEASE, PLEASE, for 2017 cover the complete history of Bomberman & review Double dragon IV coming out JAN 30th.

  40. It's awesome that you had such a good year! Keep it up, man! Your content is awesome!

  41. I was sent via Larry Bundy. A lot of your content is a little before my time, but i absolutely love your videos!

  42. Congrats on your success Dan, you've got an ace channel, I always enjoy your vids!

  43. This year I think is the first one I discovered you and Larry's videos. Fell in love with the videos you output. It's nice to find quality content from the other side of the Atlantic.
    I'm definitely looking forward to what the future holds.
    As for your site, I think it looks great. It's not one of those wildly complicated tighter coded sites that are common with more popular content or services, but it doesn't have to be. I think a core aspect of what makes you so likeable and approachable is you're not so much driven by being a cold faceless idol but rather a warm welcoming guy that people can interact with and I think your site reflects that.

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