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🤫Don’t Make a Sound!! Slippery Slope Quiet Place Challenge!!

Team Edge
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Hey guys! In this video, we have to be quiet on the slippery slope! One team must hit all of the buttons on the slope while the other team is blindfolded throwing balls. Will Bobby and Bryan slide around silently? Let us know down below!

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Welcome to Team Edge!
Heres 3 things we love!
-We love spending time with each other, creating crazy competitions, and having fun doing it! Thats all you’ll see on this channel every Tuesday and Friday!
-We love Jesus and believe its our purpose here on earth to spread the good news that he has saved us from our sins. Because we love him its our mission to provide family friendly content that glorifies him!
-We love you. We hope you’ll be part of Team Edge and join us for the ride!

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  1. The editors have so much fun with Bobby’s suit that they can’t realize they can’t count 😂

  2. Bryan Team would have won bu they were playing around

  3. Bryan being an idiot they should have won

  4. My anxiety level 📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈

  5. at 3:57 they hit Joey but the score didn’t change which ended up making them win

  6. When they get hit by the ball I swear I can see the brain cells turn off and there hole brain goes offline for one second

  7. Are you kissed He's nose?🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. Imagine if there was mouse-traps on this thing… 😏🤣

  9. What is up with the hit count though 😂

  10. Someone please tell me what the last video they put on bobby was 😂

  11. You guys should play slippery chair soccer PLEAZE😢

  12. Can I say that fist shot on J-Fred was a hit

  13. Man legit went up dude was holding out his hand and smacked the ball away and then the other guy misses lol. Wow.

  14. They combined my two favorite challenges
    I love it

  15. what i dont get is why is that one team got the giant yoga ball and the other team did not

  16. Replace the balls with a paintball gun hehehe

  17. The second team cheated. The numbers were skipping. It went past 7, 11 and 13. They actually got 3 less hits than was stated.

  18. Why did they have to cheat so early in the video 🤬

  19. Seriously, the green screen suit is hilarious 😂😂😂 thanks for laughs guys!!!

  20. Honestly? After like 3 years of not watching, I came back and saw this, I've been cracking up the whole time, you gotta give me a part 2 of this, it's addictive!

  21. Dude this guy will fall off when he makes a lot of sounds 5:14

  22. It is not fair for Bobby’s team because you guys had a big ball when they were blind folded and Bobby’s team didn’t have the big ball.

  23. Ngl Bobby and Brian are the only dual thatsy favorite

  24. Team edge I suggest you do more videos with slippery slope cause they get the most views

  25. didn't the other team have 19? that's dumb!

  26. You accidentally miscalculated and put two 6.

  27. Hey Y’all. There is a scammer account replying to your comments. So be careful. We’re trying to get them removed

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